Bracelets: pictures don’t do them justice

A few days ago, I posted about goods and gifts one can purchase from monastics, who support themselves from the proceeds.

I also included a link to St. Hubert’s Rosaries, which is operated by a home-schooling mom of 9 who came up with a rosary bracelet that doesn’t get bothersome and bulky.

Shana thoughtfully surprised me with a gift of one of her bracelets, done in green beads with a Celtic Cross bead and a “Mother with Child” bead as well – not exactly like the green one shown above, but similar. Knowing I don’t really like anything on my wrists (bracelets always feel binding and in the way to me) she wrote, “if you don’t want to keep it, you can give it to someone…”

Taken with how pretty it was, I slipped the thing on…and I LOVE it. It is light-but-sturdy, the most comfortable and unobtrusive bracelet I have ever worn, and it looks great.

So I wanted to tell you about it and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a useful rosary bracelet or who needs stocking stuffers, etc. Shana sells these at very reasonable prices, and gives discounts on bulk orders.

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