A light shines in the darkness…

Since yesterday’s morning prayer video seems to have been a big hit – here you go. Visually stunning, aurally and spiritually delightful, the monks at Solesmes chant you through the scripture, and the video moves you through the big bang into the work day. No, really, it does! There are some very talented people out there creating videos like this. Enjoy!

I’m looking for a good video of Compline to end the day.

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A Gift of Morning Prayer

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  • http://www.spiritualthingsmatter.com Viola Jaynes

    Oh Anchoress, this was beautiful and a great way to start the day. I recognize these chants since I have the whole series of the “Festival of Gregorian Chants.” You are right, there are some amazingly talented people out there.

    Have a super day today!

  • surlydg

    Very,very beautiful! I discovered your site through Michelle Malkins website and have visited many times. Always left feeling quite peaceful and, somehow, enriched. I visited today to get your take on the New Hampshire Primary and to see if you had posted anything about my least favorite people running for president, Hillary and Bill. To my utter amazement and delight, I saw the morning prayer video and after viewing that, I remembered once again how prayer, Gregorian chants, and the visual spectacle of the universe can make me feel peaceful, calm, and closer to God. Thank you. I’s been quite a long time.

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  • Hantchu

    What are they singing? Linguam Latinam non comprendo.

  • TheAnchoress

    et lux in tenebris lucet et tenebrae eam non conprehenderunt………… /
    erat lux vera quae inluminat omnem hominem venientem in mundum/
    …That was the true light, which enlighteneth every man that cometh into this world./—