Rudy Giuliani – NOT Endorsed – except by me

I rather like this ad:

Ed Morrissey is endorsing Mitt Romney but while I like him better than I did, I still don’t like him much, and I don’t get this this earpiece story.

I still like Rudy. As I wrote earlier:

I have no idea how he, or Romney, or Huckabee would turn around an economy, resolve a social problem or – God forbid – deal with a nation under attack and hurting.

I know those things about Rudy, because, frankly – he’s done them! I lived and worked in NYC when it seemed lawless, economically distressed and ungovernable; I saw the man do the things that needed doing, despite the press misrepresenting him and the left assailing him and calling him a “fascist.”

Rudy is a “known entity” to me, as opposed to the rest of the GOP stable – they may be good men, but I don’t know what they’d do under legislative fire, under public fire or under real fire – I don’t know how they’d handle it.

I do know how Rudy would handle those things. I don’t have to guess or hope. I know. He frankly has the most fleshed-out resume.

Please…if you’re going to email me with the wagging finger telling me that a pro-life Catholic can’t vote for “pro-abortion” Rudy, don’t bother. I’ve heard it a gazillion times and I’m totally bored with that argument. Bush has been our most pro-life president, ever, and for a time he had a GOP congress, too. They couldn’t do anything about abortion. It will take JUDGES to move that issue. Rudy loves the law and he loves the constitution. I actually trust him more than either McCain or Romney to appoint constitution-minded SCOTUS Justices.

Funnily enough, even Ed Morrissey says he trusts Giuliani to stick to conservative principals more than either of them.

I guess Rudy is only endorsed by me! Dennis Prager makes a case for RUdy.

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  • stix1972

    I have also endoresed Rudy for the same reasns you do. I know what he is and who he is. Romney i do not and McCain is just out for himself. And Guiliani will be the best to keep all of the conservativeas together, the only thing bad about him is the tyhing on abortion, which I think he wil appoint better judges than both Rombnry or McCain also. I never lived in NY, bu to take that city and make it actually work is a great accomplishment.

  • alecheva

    I went to Mr Giuliani’s site to learn a bit more about him (I’m a fervent Ron Paul girl who is looking for a back-up in case Mr Paul doesn’t get the nomination :P) and noticed the unsettling phrase “Terrorists’ War on Us” many times… is that the term en vogue now, or a neologism of Mr Giuliani’s invention?

    He has a strong history of public/federal funding- of stadiums, abortions (which he’s gone back and forth on), stem cell research… His positions on gun control as mayor and as a presidential candidate differ (taking the more liberal stance in the former), and, of course, he maintains the illegality of controlled substances and the prosecution of drug offenses is near and dear to his heart… What I’m really curious about, and maybe you can help me out here, is what he thinks of free trade. Anyway, that’s a pretty good laundry list of things that offend an economic conservative such as myself.

    I realize we’re not going to see a realistic candidate abolishing government funding or decriminalizing drug possession (yet!), but are there any prominent Republicans who approach true conservatism, and if not, who’s our best shot?

  • TheAnchoress

    alecheva – you’re asking the wrong girl; I’m not a “true conservative” I’m a “classical liberal.” My concerns are: war on terror, scotus judges, fiscal responsibility and infrastructure. Having lived in NYC before Rudy, and visited there many times once he came into office, I know the man is capable. I don’t know if anyone running in either party is as proven capable as he is. His resume is the resume of someone who has done day-to-day LEADING, not simply glad-handing and legislating. Makes a difference.

  • Terrye

    I will vote for the nominee, but I like Rudy too. However, Rudy blew it. Like it or not, that is the case.

    But I don’t think any of these guys are just out for themselves. I don’t think it is that simple.

  • chuck

    I endorse Rudy as well, and I intend to vote for him.