Rudy Giuliani – NOT Endorsed – except by me

I rather like this ad:

Ed Morrissey is endorsing Mitt Romney but while I like him better than I did, I still don’t like him much, and I don’t get this this earpiece story.

I still like Rudy. As I wrote earlier:

I have no idea how he, or Romney, or Huckabee would turn around an economy, resolve a social problem or – God forbid – deal with a nation under attack and hurting.

I know those things about Rudy, because, frankly – he’s done them! I lived and worked in NYC when it seemed lawless, economically distressed and ungovernable; I saw the man do the things that needed doing, despite the press misrepresenting him and the left assailing him and calling him a “fascist.”

Rudy is a “known entity” to me, as opposed to the rest of the GOP stable – they may be good men, but I don’t know what they’d do under legislative fire, under public fire or under real fire – I don’t know how they’d handle it.

I do know how Rudy would handle those things. I don’t have to guess or hope. I know. He frankly has the most fleshed-out resume.

Please…if you’re going to email me with the wagging finger telling me that a pro-life Catholic can’t vote for “pro-abortion” Rudy, don’t bother. I’ve heard it a gazillion times and I’m totally bored with that argument. Bush has been our most pro-life president, ever, and for a time he had a GOP congress, too. They couldn’t do anything about abortion. It will take JUDGES to move that issue. Rudy loves the law and he loves the constitution. I actually trust him more than either McCain or Romney to appoint constitution-minded SCOTUS Justices.

Funnily enough, even Ed Morrissey says he trusts Giuliani to stick to conservative principals more than either of them.

I guess Rudy is only endorsed by me! Dennis Prager makes a case for RUdy.

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