Cowboy Bebop: Woolongs for Nuthin'

While searching through youtube for the Johnny Cash video “Hurt,” which I used in yesterday’s post, I came across another song by the Man in Black, paired very well with scenes from the moody (and great) anime series, Cowboy Bebop. I was surprised and impressed.

God’s Gonna Cut You Down

Spike – one of the great tragic and sympathetic tough guys.

I sent the video to my sons, and Elder Son responded by sending along another Cowboy Bebop AMV, this one, really oustanding:

Woolongs for Nuthin’

For those unfamiliar with Cowboy Bebop, well…you really have to see it. Watching it often feels like peering into the psyche (and inspiration) of Quentin Tarantino. Like this:

From Cowboy Bebop, “Battle of Fallen Angels,” the song is “Green Bird”

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  • Jean

    I think you do “Cowboy Bebop” an injustice by comparing it to mere Quentin Tarantino stuff. I wish I knew how to send you a video. There’s a great on YouTube called “Tainted Donuts” that does a fantastic job of combining the crew of the Bebop with the crazy Vash the Stampede of “Trigun”.

    I think the soundtrack to CB was the apex of Yoko Kanno’s career, by the way. I’ve heard other work by her, but it pales in comparison.

  • HNAV


    The Anchoress is so cool.

    Love the Dog in the Anime Series.

    Ein ?

  • TheAnchoress

    Ein. Welsh Corgi.

  • AngloCathJoi

    Cowboy BeBop was the first anime that I saw that I liked. I watched the whole thing and bawled my eyes out at the end! I still like to belt out The Real Folk Blues when I’m down. Good song.

    Have you seen Trinity Blood? Gorgeous anime (post-apocalyptic Vatican fights Rosicrucian vampires!) with a great main character, Abel Nightroad, who is a Catholic priest. I want to frame every shot of the anime, because it’s so beautifully painted. Bloody, in parts, but well worth it. And the closing song is gorgeous too; you can find it on YouTube at

  • Patrick

    I think you mean “John Woo” instead of Tarantino. :-)

    I’ve seen Trinity Blood. It’s okay, though I think they, er, borrowed a bit too much from a movie called Equilibrium for a few scenes involving the gun-toting android.

  • AngloCathJoi

    @Patrick: Saw Equilibrium and was highly unimpressed (but then, I don’t like Christian Bale). I really don’t see the comparison to Trinity Blood, but then, I saw Equilibrium afterwards, so maybe I just missed it.

    But still: post-apocalyptic Vatican! Fighting Rosicrucian vampires! How cool is that?? :)

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