My piece at Pajamas Media

I interrupt my Triduum turn at staying away from politics just long enough to let you know that Pajamas Media is featuring a column of mine today which discusses Saving the Planet without Starving People – a look at what we can do besides burning corn and grain – to stay mobile. Hope you like.

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  • chuck

    Good job! Great article.

  • Obis_Sister

    Read it this morning! Kudos!

  • singleton


    As another blogger frequently says “I’ll believe it is a crisis when those that tell us it is a crisis start acting like it is a crisis.”

  • dellbabe68

    Hi all, just stopping by to “be” with like-minded folks today, on this very Holy of days.
    Have a blessed Easter, Anchoress, and all of you readers.
    Thank you for this blog.

  • Sensible Mom

    Quite excellent!

  • KIA

    Anchoress I’ve said before when you write on global warming, I couldn’t agree more. I doubt even Al Gore could counter your argument of total logic and reality? I’ve yet, (short of Jesus Christ of coures), to see a more “workable solution to “our crisis.”

    All said, you and I both know that the real problem is far deeper than earthly fuel and food, but unfortunately, that’s where much of the world is right now. For any interested, this was Benedict’s response to the temptation of Christ in the desert, who of course, in his “dangerous half truth of what the world needs most, i.e., bread/food for the hungry), presents a “plausible and believable” (at least from worldly standards), “temptation.” Benedict reminds the readers that indeed Christ DOES give bread to the world, but of course, in a completely different manner, the Eucharist.

    As I read this Thursday evening as I sat with Jesus after the Last Supper Mass, I had much time and perfect company in which to meditate on the “half truths” of the world. From global warming to Oprah’s new age Gnostic religion, the peril of the dangerous “half truths” hit me larger than life itself. As Benedict pointed out, this isn’t salvation, but the most dangerous of all deceptions. Only via God’s love will the world be “saved” from anything.

    “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every world that proceeds from the mouth of God. Without responding to the hunger for truth, without curing the malady of the soul wounded by deceit, or in a word, without Truth and God, humankind cannot be saved.”
    Quote by Pope Benedict XVI Journey towards Easter