A little perspective tonifier for Hillary

Hillary beats Obama by what, 3% , even with all the Limbaughians voting for her? That can’t be good.

I think Hillary’s smartest move would be to “suspend” the campaign, which is not the same as ending it, allow herself some time to rest, save whatever money she can, and let her attack dogs render Obama as impotent and unelectable as possible…then “re-animate” her campaign before the convention, when the Dems are having Obama-remorse.

It can’t hurt her. Might help her become the party “savior” she really wants to be.

But you know, it’s really easy to get caught up in this stuff…sometimes, it is good to remember that the high drama of the Democrat party Implosion is mostly political theater. Real life, is something else:

Hannah Forrester had put up with endless testing and prodding while doctors tried to work out what was wrong with her.

Throughout, she’d remained a happy and contented little girl. But when she was told she had cancer and that the medicine would make her long brown hair fall out, she stopped talking and refused to eat or drink.

When her mother Cathy tried to hug her, the distraught child pushed her away.

Then into her room one day walked Molly, a five-year-old on the same ward. She, too, had cancer – a rare form called Wilms.

“She just walked into Hannah’s room and introduced herself,” recalls Cathy.

“She explained to Hannah: ‘You need to take your medicine to make you better. Your hair will fall out like mine, but it doesn’t matter. ‘My mummy says it’ll grow back as long as Rapunzel’s.’

“To my astonishment, Hannah listened. Following Molly’s lead, she snapped out of her depression and began co-operating with the doctors and nurses.

“It was the start of an incredible friendship for the girls.”

You’ll want to read the whole thing.

Speaking of perspective, my blood and I are at fisticuffs again and I’m losing…or I’m whipped, anyway. I have something I really want to write and am hoping to find the energy to do it. But those of you inviting me to tussle with you will have to wait until I’m off the canvas; I can only tussle with one at a time! :-)

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