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Video Via Deacon Greg.

I read of a couple who chose to deliver a baby that every doctor said they should abort, because the baby would likely never live outside the womb. They had the baby – they gave him life, named him, blessed him, held and kissed and loved him for the 45 minutes he lived. They cooed and took his picture and said to him, “we welcome you, we love you; we are yours and you are ours; we thank God for you, we will see you again.”

A few years ago, as my brother was dying, I wrote about the saying goodbye – how hard it is, but also how beautiful, and than life should be lived, while it can be.

But this is too sad, it is. Life is so very sad and so very beautiful. Some will scoff: “Beauty? What beauty? What kind of sick mind can find beauty in this pietà? It would be more beautiful to help your brother to end his suffering. Real love has nothing in common with pain. What is to be gained from all of this beside some medieval Catholic satisfaction in suffering?”

I can only answer that question with a question: Do you think that giving my lionhearted brother a “compassionate” needle would truly lessen our suffering, or his? By cutting short the process, do we step off the Via Dolorosa and avoid it all, or do we merely thwart a plan for our own lives? Should we steal from our brother the opportunity for him to reach out a hand and have it immediately grasped, to have everything about his existence affirmed, over and over?

Should we steal from ourselves the opportunity to love?

God is love. The world needs more love, so the world needs more God. We get more God by allowing love and life to come into the world, by opening ourselves to it all, and by not hastening its departure.

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  • Peregrine John

    Some say that positive cannot exist without negative: good is meaningless without evil. This is plainly foolish. What the inverse, the lack, gives us is not the possibility of goodness, love, light, but the contrast that makes the positive stand out for our poor foolish selves, and an impetus to exercise the strength of the good.

    Therefore, darkness is not without its use. The power of light can be seen in its ability to instantly banish it. I think that you, and the couple, were right to allow for the demonstration of love in the face of pain.

  • Viola Jaynes

    A remarkable video clip. It brought me to tears as it portrait what you expressed in your essay.

  • dellbabe68

    I didn’t even try to watch the video yet. The story was enough. The book looks great!!!

    Sadly, I may be needing it.

  • dellbabe68

    Okay, I went and watched it. Of course I’m crying.

    God bless them and Elliot.

    Hey, I learned about a neat new order – the Order of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary, out in Hopedale, Ohio, and they pray every Wednesday for an end to abortion. Today was the first time I joined them in that. I’m gonna try to keep doing it.

    Thanks for posting this, Anchoress.

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