Ted Kennedy's Crucible Singes…

The first time I wrote about Ted Kennedy, someone suggested I was too quick to leap to the political, which was probably not a bad criticism since, as I confessed in my follow-up piece, I – like other Catholics had added shame-to-shame and scandal-to-scandal with my imperfect charity.

Clearly it won’t be the last time I write about him, but Inside Catholic has my latest onthe Crucible of Ted Kennedy and all those ways we gather our own kindling with our beams and splinters.

While over there, you might want to check out Deal Hudson’s piece on why the media rejected Rev. Hagee’s apology, and Maureen Martin’s clever satire. Also, Deacon Greg looks at the resurgent interest in Gregorian Chant (when O WHEN will my parish add some to our liturgy and free us from the dross!) and he reminds us of a saint who appreciated a good chuckle.

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