Breakthrough: Adult Stem Cells & Parkinson's

Great – and, for anyone following the stunning medical advances being made thanks to ADULT Stem Cell Research – unsurprising news on the Parkinson’s front. Just as numerous spinal cord injuries are being successfully treated with ASC taken from nasal cavities, it looks there sufferers of Parkinson’s Disease may be helped, too.

SYDNEY, Australia, June 12, 2008 ( – New research on stem-cell therapy shows scientists have found that the cure for Parkinson’s disease may lie right under one’s nose – or rather, in it.

Researchers from Griffith University have published a study in the journal Stem Cells that has found adult stem-cells harvested from the noses of Parkinson’s patients developed into dopamine-producing brain cells upon being transplanted into the brain of a lab rat.

Professor Alan Mackay-Sim said researchers simulated Parkinson’s symptoms in rats by creating lesions on one side of the rat’s brain to imitate the damage Parkinson’s disease wreaks on the human brain. The lesions caused the rats to run in circles; however when stem-cells from the noses of Parkinson’s patients were injected into the affected area of the brain, the rats re-acquired the ability to run in a straight line.

According to Mackay-Sim, the evidence showed the injected stem-cells had differentiated into “dopamine-producing neurons influenced by being in the environment of the brain.”

Mackay-Sim explained that, like all stem-cells, these adult stem-cells from the olfactory nerve in the nose are “naïve,” since they have not yet differentiated into any particular type of cells.

“They can still be influenced by the environment they are put into. In this case we transplanted them into the brain, where they were directed to give rise to dopamine producing brain cells,” he added.

“Significantly, none of the transplants led to formation of tumours or teratomas in the host rats as has occurred after embryonic stem-cell transplantation in a similar model.” [Emphasis & links mine - admin]

Stem Cell Research has yielded a lot of nightmares but no workable therapies.

After all the high drama and righteous noise about bad-old Bush refusing to let the government fund embryonic stem cell research, it seems a big Emily Letilla “nevermind” is in our futures, perhaps. Along with some very hopeful advances, (some great signs with ASC and cardiac muscles, now) successful treatments (possibly eradicating Sickle Cell Anemia and stroke?) and – we pray – more happy endings.

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  • Foxfier

    Golly gee, Lady, you mean that the moral way worked out better in the end?

    Knock me over with a feather….

  • maryruth

    Do you think the ESC crowd will ever admit that that ASC will work and theirs won’t?

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  • tim maguire

    It was obvious from the beginning that the embryonic stem cell battle was really about angling for advantage in the abortion debate. EBC’s will always have the disadvantage of being somebody else’s cells, with all the immune system problems that go with transplants; whereas ASC can come from the actual person being treated and so have fewer (or no) side effects.

  • dmd25

    My thoughts, since I read this last night, are along the lines of what foxfier said. Isn’t it neat that doing the right thing–using adult stem cells, produces a better result than doing the morally, ethically wrong thing–using embryonic ones. Very cool!

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    Do you think the ESC crowd will ever admit that that ASC will work and theirs won’t?

    Let’s not make the error that we made in the abortion war of thinking that the opposition is interested in reason or truth, and keep thinking that, if we only come up with the right argument, then they will be compelled by reason to accept it.

    No, the ESC crowd will never admit it because they are not, and never were, actually interested in finding real cures. They are and always were snake oil salesmen, interested in promising miracles and wonders, just so long as we coughed up another several billion dollars for their pockets. Of course, in this relativist world that truly is a dictatorship, many people have bought into the scam. It doesn’t matter what fantastic progress is made on the adult stem cell side because the ESC folks will always claim that embryonic cells have the capacity to miraculously cure every disease and every injury imaginable — indeed, they will even be able to conquer death itself!

    If only we would spend some real money on embryonic stem cell research, Christopher Reeve would be able to rise up out of his grave and walk! But that bastard Bush has a love affair with suffering and death, so our loved ones are forced to endure torture instead of being cured. Even John McCain understands that.

    Yes, even the “pro-life” John McCain understands that embryos are not really human, and not really individual beings, and not really alive, so it is perfectly OK – nay, ethically obligatory – to harvest the cells to be able to help real people suffering from real problems.

  • March Hare

    Anyone told Michael J. Fox about this yet?

    /snark off

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