My beloved, ornery tribe!

How the Irish Saved Civilization…Again!.

Irene Lagan has an excellent piece up on this subject over at Inside Catholic.

Ah, me peeps. They had me worried there, for a while.

Up the Irish! In Ireland in 2002, I recall stopping into a pub on the Dingle Peninsula at ask directions to the Gallorus Oratory. Many helpful voices chiming in at once and finally a no-nonsense waitress said, “did you see the sign at the parting up the road?”

I said I had.

“Well, pay no attention to it, it will lead you in circles! Now here is what you do…”

More voices. Lots of good advice. We eventually did find the place, and made it back to the pub in time for the nightly Guinness, to boot. The waitress said, “did you find it, dear?”

I said I had.

“Aye.” A shrug. “Not much to do once you’ve seen the rocks, then, but have a drink.”

We loved Ireland.

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  • Jeanette
  • igout

    Having both Green and Orange in me, I’ve always been ambiguous about Ireland. But last night I drank them many toasts. This morning my head hurts.

  • Gina

    I wonder how many Europeans will have the sense to thank them!

  • Joe Odegaard

    A German was traveling in Ireland. He noticed that at a train station, the clocks, one at either end of the platform, were not synchronized. He called the station master over and pointed this out,

    and the station master said,

    “Why would I be needing two clocks if they both told the same time?”

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  • rcareaga

    So that’s your tribe? Well sheesh, after all your references to my tribe, I thought you had in mind something more, you know, postmodern. My maternal grandmother (1899-1993) was so Boston Irish Catholic that on at least one occasion I heard her refer (in her quite broad brogue) to the Prots of Belfast as “Filthy Orangemen!”

    The paternal grandparents, good Catholics both, were born in Mexico, and emigrated ca. 1916 without benefit of formalities. This means, of course, that I am a ferocious practitioner of tribal politics, Aztlan-style, and crave the re-annexation of my native California to Mexico.


  • Peregrine John

    Your attempt to find the Oratory sounds a lot like the opening scene in The Quiet Man. Nice to know some things never change.

    God bless the Irish! After hearing some of the nonsensical bureaucratic minutia imposed on them by Brussels, it’s nice to hear they had the sense to push back a bit. May my fellow Californians follow suit.