My beloved, ornery tribe!

How the Irish Saved Civilization…Again!.

Irene Lagan has an excellent piece up on this subject over at Inside Catholic.

Ah, me peeps. They had me worried there, for a while.

Up the Irish! In Ireland in 2002, I recall stopping into a pub on the Dingle Peninsula at ask directions to the Gallorus Oratory. Many helpful voices chiming in at once and finally a no-nonsense waitress said, “did you see the sign at the parting up the road?”

I said I had.

“Well, pay no attention to it, it will lead you in circles! Now here is what you do…”

More voices. Lots of good advice. We eventually did find the place, and made it back to the pub in time for the nightly Guinness, to boot. The waitress said, “did you find it, dear?”

I said I had.

“Aye.” A shrug. “Not much to do once you’ve seen the rocks, then, but have a drink.”

We loved Ireland.

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