You can't have two old 'sick' guys on a ticket

Over at PJM Jennifer Rubin looks at the question of John McCain’s running mate.

McCain’s campaign is so woefully uncharismatic against the exotica of Obama, that he’d better pick someone with a little dazzle to her.

Yes, her. Take a hint. As I’ve said before, two boring white guys will not do the trick – it is the Fade Into the Background Ticket From Hell.

And I see a lot of people commenting that they want Fred Thompson on the ticket. Hello? Two old white guys with histories of cancer?

Let’s put on our thinking caps, shall we?

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  • amcalabrese

    My concern with a McCain/Thompson ticket is that it would look like the two heckler guys on “The Muppet Show” — and would be yelling at the young whipersnapper Barrack Obama to get off their lawn.

    [The Statler and Waldorf Ticket! That's brilliant and perfect! - admin]

  • benning

    I posted on Sarah Palin in February. I think the fact that she’s more Conservative than McCain, more attractive, young, and … a she would go well with not just the conservatives but with the Reagan Democrats, too. She has charisma, gumption, kids, a hubby, and she hunts! What more could a red-blooded American ask? She also has taken on a Republican Party – in Alaska – that had dipped its toe into corruption. And she won!

    Sarah Palin! Yeah!

  • ultraguy

    Bobby Jindal… works on *so* many levels: Southerner, son of immigrants, Catholic convert (from Hinduism), young (late 30′s), charismatic, brilliant (Rhodes Scholar, just like Bill), staunch conservative…