Dems on Gas Prices: Content to do nothing

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By all means, let us work on alternative energies, but they’re not going to be practical, afforable or wide-ranging for a while. In the meantime stop lying to us about the “ten years to drill” nonsense and get busy decreasing our dependence upon foreign oils. Even better: Don’t do THIS to America.

Hey, Congress…how about leading and serving? Oh, wait…the Pelosi is “trying to save the planet…”


The United States has the highest technology to ensure the safest drilling. Today, directional drilling — essentially drilling down, then sideways — allows access to oil that in 1970 would have required a surface footprint more than three times as large. Additionally, the U.S. has one of the most extensive and least corrupt regulatory systems on the planet.

Does Pelosi imagine that with so much of America declared off-limits, the planet is less injured as drilling shifts to Kazakhstan and Venezuela and Equatorial Guinea? That Russia will be more environmentally scrupulous than we in drilling in its Arctic?

The net environmental effect of Pelosi’s no-drilling willfulness is negative. Outsourcing U.S. oil production does nothing to lessen worldwide environmental despoliation. It simply exports it to more corrupt, less efficient, more unstable parts of the world — thereby increasing net planetary damage.

Here in the U.S., one out of every three ears of corn is stuffed into a gas tank (by way of ethanol), causing not just food shortages abroad and high prices at home, but intensive increases in farming with all of the attendant environmental problems (soil erosion, insecticide pollution, water consumption, etc.)
This to prevent drilling on an area in the Arctic one-sixth the size of Dulles Airport that leaves untouched a refuge one-third the size of Britain.

There are a dizzying number of economic and national security arguments for drilling at home: a $700-billion oil balance-of-payment deficit, a gas tax (equivalent) levied on the paychecks of American workers and poured into the treasuries of enemy and terror-supporting regimes, growing dependence on unstable states of the Persian Gulf and Caspian basin. Pelosi and the Democrats stand athwart shouting: We don’t care. We come to save the planet!

They seem blissfully unaware that the argument for their drill-there-not-here policy collapses on its own environmental terms.

Then again, there is always the brilliant Pelosian scheme of “suing OPEC” to make them produce more. THAT will save the planet.

Come on, tell us the real reason why you won’t allow responsible drilling and job creation in the United States! It’s an election year; we want to know. After promising fair and open debate, why won’t you allow a vote to come to the floor unless you can control it?

Worst. “Public Servant”. Ever. Tyrant petite.

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  • dmd25

    “Worst. “Public Servant”. Ever. Tyrant petite.”

    Perfect description! I am furious with her–and of course with Reed. I hope that they all get called back from their vacations to act on this issue. Such hypocrites! Public servant my foot.

  • Gayle Miller

    So we get all the oil we want domestically (and it is there and we could garner it for ourselves) – the libs and tree huggers won’t allow refineries to be built and those we have are not exactly in the safest of places (New Orleans anyone). There’s more involved here than just getting our hands on the oil, unfortunately, but if La Pelosi gets her way – none of these problems will be solved any time soon.

  • Crusader.Airman

    I am truly at a loss to explain the logic of the Dems position on energy…they don’t want anyone to use fossil fuels, no nuclear, no wind turbines, no hydroelectric…

    What it seems they want is for us to transport to the 24th century instantaneously so we can use clean, safe…well, I dunno. They even seem to be trying to force America out of the petroleum economy, but offer no alternatives.

    And you’re point about the good environmental stewardship of the petroleum companies is well taken. Haven traveled and lived in oil country in the USA and in the Middle East, I can guarantee we care more for the environment in the West than they do over there…the desert is one giant garbage dump in Arabia…

    It reminds me of the people who have lived their entire lives in Lower Manhattan or San Francisco, both fine places to live, but doggone it…not everyone lives in a prosperous major city with the luxury of walking everywhere or taking mass transit. These people simply can’t fathom that there are other valid ways to live their lives.

    Once again the liberal tendency to make decisions on emotion rather than facts is stunning.

  • mathman

    No. We cannot drill. Not now. Not Ever.
    And it all makes sense, from the perspective of the lifetime tenured member of Congress.
    Our Constitution establishes a representative legislature, made up of individuals who take time away from their productive lives to serve the Nation for a term or two. The Constitution did not establish Congress as lifetime employment.

    Looked at as lifetime employment, the Member has only one task. And that task is obtaining Federal dollars for the Member’s district or State. Since the power to obtain Federal dollars depends solely on seniority, the members who have served the longest get the largest amounts of Federal dollars. The current Democratic majority in Congress owes its continued employment to a cadre to devoted political volunteers. A volunteer cannot have a regular job; the volunteer must be free to work 16 hour days. Such volunteers are typically drawn from a relatively small pool of persons whose families can afford to support them. Such volunteers will have obtained the best educations from the leading Universities, and will have been imbued with the most politically correct views of the world. These volunteers will know nothing about how money is made (they have never had to make any money). They will know nothing of business (the business having been done by their families). They will know only what they have been told by the Marxist instructors in the great Universities. And among those truths is that Communism is the wave of the future, the United States is evil, capitalism is cruel, all human life will end unless we stop putting carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and that our only friends in the world are absolute dictators.

    What has been lost is the idealism of the Fathers in believing that Members would serve the common good, rather than their own self interests. In 1787 it was assumed that Members would participate in care for all citizens, working for the nation as a whole. Today Members work for the lobbyists who pay for their re-elections and write their legislation. The idealistic Members elected in 1994 have now been thoroughly corrupted by the system, in a positive feedback loop, so that the surviving Members elected in 1994 are not distinguishable from their Democratic counterparts.

    It is not that such Members are evil. It is rather that the system itself works to bring them into line with the prevailing paradigm. And it is impossible to step outside the paradigm, as to do so risks the loss of Federal money to the district or State. And this loses elections. Because the opponent will always play up the fact that they (the opponent) will do a better job of taking care of the district or State.
    The only solution which I can see is term limits for Members, just as the President, Governors, Mayors, and other elected officials have limited eligibility.
    But this cannot happen, as the Members would perceive it as a threat to their entitlement.

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  • Kimsch

    I could try to affix solar panels to my Yukon, but to get enough on the vehicle to do any good, I would be worse than one of those “wide load” vehicles. Perhaps I could turn the necessary solar panels into a wing and try to fly.

    I could also try to affix a sail to the Yukon to try to harness the wind, but unlike lakes or the ocean, roads are fixed in place and I don’t think that people would like me cutting across their property because that’s where the wind took me. Buildings are also a hazard…

  • Klaire

    We need a “Washington Tea Party.” Why every Amerian isn’t voting out these selfish “elected” is beyond me.

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    Recently the subject came up of Al Gore’s assertion that the U.S. could get its energy solely from renewables in 10 years. Sen. McCain said: “If the vice president says it’s doable, I believe it’s doable.” What!!??

    Since the presumptive nominee for the Maverick Party is not up to the job, I would urge President Bush to take charge, even if it will make McCain look incredibly small by comparison.

    George W. should put together a grand-slam of a speech — putting together all of the above points, noting that high gas prices are really hurting the economy and threatening the national security; that putting food (corn) into our gas tanks only exacerbates the problem and creates new problems; that oil is used for more than gasoline (the History Channel or some other cable channel last night had a show demonstrating how practically every product we use in everyday life has a petroleum component to it); that we have “clean” and “safe” methods of extracting oil from all sorts of areas; that current alternatives actually end up using more energy than does oil; that the economy would boom from new jobs building and operating new drill sites, new refineries, etc.; that we are in our current mess ONLY because of the obstruction tactics against drilling and refining that have gone on for the last 25 years; and that we need to drill, drill, drill, and refine, refine, refine.

    George W. should then present these facts point-by-point in a speech in a prime-time Oval Office speech, and announce that he is recalling Congress from their derilicition of duty and abdication of their responsibilities, and ordering them back into session until they pass a comprehensive bill that he is presenting to Congress obtaining all the necessary objectives. Or better yet, call Congress back into session and give it another similar speech before a joint session.

    George W. should hammer it home again and again and again, loudly and with all the public-relation resources at his disposal. I know that he does not want to steal any thunder from McCain, and so he is holding back more than he otherwise might, but it ain’t going to get done by the current crop of candidates.

  • kelleybee

    Never fear, guys Obama has unveiled his new wealth redistribution plan. It will give us all money from the evil oil companies…..
    The $$$ will be in our pocket this fall. I sure the Dems will stampede back to Washington to work on the “Energy Problem”.

    [Edited to admit link - did he happen to tell us how we would manage to get our hands on home heating oil this winter? Or next, if we're not drilling? - admin]

  • kelleybee

    He said that folks to use the $1000.00 per family to off set the higher cost of heating oil et al. This will be rammed through the congress without a hearing or discussion, I suppose. MSM will jump on board and love the plan!! BO’s policy paper on this…

    [Edited to admit link - I don't see anything in that plan that will explain how we get MORE oil for NEXT YEAR'S home heating bills... -admin]

  • kelleybee

    I hear the silent sucking sound of socialism slithering into our Country even before BO’s coronation. I fear that in the name of saving the planet he and Nancy and Reed will plunge us headlong into the abyss after the Party in January.

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