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A 9 minute video is usually not my speed, but this one’s clever and fast-moving.

The light sabers and “Kentucky Fried Analogy” cracked me up. (H/T Bookworm, who features another – succinct and entertaining – vid by one of the players, here.) I don’t know who this guy is, but he’s smart, charismatic as hell, and has beautiful eyes and a great smile.

Bookworm is also calling
olly-olly-oxen-free to “secret conservatives” in Marin County and elsewhere.

It’s a sad thing, isn’t it, when Americans must be afraid to discuss their political affiliations with their fellow Americans for fear of economic or social repercussions? It’s that “chill wind” Tim Robbins worried about, only it’s not Bush making people afraid to speak freely.

Once again, boys and girls,
as before:

The fascist is whoever is trying to shut you up, shut you down, dis-employ you, silence you, cripple you or marginalize you for the crime of daring to fall out of step with the party and the conventional wisdom. Beware of them.

Hey, what is the deal with Obama? Are journalists not supposed to ask tough questions of him? Do they dare not challenge him or be cast as ‘watercarrying’ for McCain? That’s pretty chintzy. And why won’t he do some townhalls with McCain? Even the Moron Bush did townhalls with Gore and Kerry. Obama can’t do what Bush did?

Tom Elia notes
William Daley’s interesting slip-up on Obama.

Exxon-Mccain/Obama-Exxon, all I know is I want enough heating oil to see us all through the next few winters, as the planet is not really warming but cooling. Which one will find and refine the oil?

Confederate Yankee:
I can haz Jerusalem?

Excellent news from Iraq;
Mookie is packing it in. Not that that anyone cares, but we’re basically victorious over there. Lots of heroic men and women have worked hard to weaken Al Qaeda in Iraq and elsewhere.

You remember AlQaeda, right?
Ten years ago this week, they bombed US Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya. Not that we did much about it at the time. But it is worth noting, they haven’t done that to us again, nor any of these other things, since 9/11. I blame Bush.

You remember Bush, right?
The guy who goes to Asia and tells China to free her people, while the press jeers, the guy who, while in Asia also meets with Democracy Activists in Burma and gets ignored for it, the guy who drew enormous and supportive crowds in Korea, while the American press yawned?

Sure, you remember Bush!
He’s the guy whose life was threatened along with Barack Obama’s but only the threat to Obama was newsworthy for a very long time at CNN. Bush? You mean the creepy moron who will be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity as soon as congress can figure out how to do that without exposing itself or having to put some of its own members under oath?

Yeah, that guy! The guy who does more than just talk about freedom and progress. The guy who has brought real hope and change to people all over the world, and yes, here in America. But you don’t want to hear it. It’s the wrong and inconvenient narrative, the embargoed one.

More Stem Cell Advances:
treating ten more diseases using stem cells derived from skin cells and marrow. No embryos required.

Ed Morrissey on Obama and the Catholic Conundrum. Yes, the A-as-in-abortion word shows up. I have a related piece over at PJM, if you’re interested.

A new Obama salute? I wouldn’t call it a salute. It kind of puts me in mind of dancing to the Y.M.C.A song, but some people are unsettled by it. Instapundit has an amusing round-up.

Inflation in the news:
No, not Obama’s tire inflation, not economic inflation, but an inflatable church for the vacationers. I suggest you not sit on your keys.

Michael Totten has an Israeli in Kosovo
– also, note that Michael supports himself on donations, and if you like his stuff, he could use your help with the paypal button.

Something you don’t hear about everyday:
A newly consecrated virgin in the USA

Maggie’s Farm has put together some great links that you’ll want to check out. Smart and fun stuff, as ever, from that gang.

I always appreciate a decent play on words.

Is Hillary going to make a move? As Auntie Lillie would say, “Shasssh…” we all knew she would.

Things are just getting started.
After two years of this nonstop campaigning, things are really just getting started. I still say we’re in for surprises on both tickets.

From The Corner: 25 Ways You Can Tell if You’re a Racist. Apparently just not voting for Obama will do it.

It’s going to be interesting watching the press
if Obama does not get into the White House. They’re going to shake their heads and talk about how America is a racist country. And they will do it with absolutely no sense of irony in that their industry is essentially run by white men and white women, who populate the network and print editorial boards. They will wag their fingers and label America “a nation of 50% racists” (and 50% nobles) and then they’ll go home to their elite ghettos and feel very, very fine about themselves and their ideals, and never consider that Les Moonves could have hired Lester Holt over Katie Couric but didn’t, even when I told him he should. (Les never listens to me!) They also won’t consider that maybe some of us, initially intrigued by Obama, took a closer look and said, “ummm…what’s he actually done, though? What does he stand for?” No. If Obama does not float your boat, it’s only because you’re a racist. Got that? Even Bill and Hillary. Racists.

Of course Bill Clinton is not a racist
, and neither is Hillary. They’re capable of playing the same race card that was played against Bill, but that’s the nature of identity politics, isn’t it? As soon as things get rough, you throw out a foul label, it muddies the waters and all meaningful conversation is put to a stop while the accuser sneers and the accused is supposed to go, “homina-homina-homina” ala Jackie Gleason.

Clinton should not
even have to defend himself from the charge, and I think he’s wrong to entertain it seriously. He should flip it off – as in be flippant – because from what I can tell from my email, right now anyone who has questions or concerns about Obama is “a racist,” period, full stop.

Of course, back when I had questions and concerns about Hillary (or I didn’t like Couric on CBS News) I was “a self-hating woman who was afraid of ‘strong, powerful females,'” so I guess I’m expanding, or something. If only the Democrats can bring a gay veep into the mix, then I can be accused of homophobia, too – in one year I’ll have made the gynophobic-racist-homophobe trifecta! I’ll share the prize money, guys!

Sorry for the rant. We’re still a bit under the weather, here.

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