Morning Prayer; St. Francis of Assisi

Everybody loves him! Even the pagans want to claim him! But he was a lot more complicated than the statue/birdfeeders let on.

I have the good fortune of knowing a number of Franciscans, including a dear cousin who is a Capuchin, and they are all busy people of very good humor – a little sweet and a little tart; most of them live with an outlook that is pragmatic but also very supernatural. It is no surprise that God would go to a Franciscan Nun, Mother Angelica, and goad her into building the world’s largest Catholic media outlet, EWTN, with $200.00 and an old garage. A Franciscan would be wild enough, trusting enough and philosophical enough to do it!

Here is the podcast for Morning Prayer for October 4, Feastday of St. Francis of Assisi, who was a great reformer and rebuilder of the church. Good go-to guy for many things. If you know any Franciscans or Secular Franciscans out there, wish them a happy day.

Btw, the latest collection of Mother Angelica’s lessons, entitled Mother Angelica’s Private and Pithy Lessons from the Scriptures is just out. Many of you wrote to say you liked this post from the other day; you should know that it was greatly inspired by one of the first of her “pithy lessons.” It is a very challenging book – it says “what do you believe?” Simple but challenging. I highly recommend!

Speaking of EWTN, if you get it they’re airing a special on Francis, tonight. If you don’t get the broadcast, I believe you can live-stream it.

Deacon Greg reminds us – as is his habit – that Francis was a Deacon and not a priest.

O/T but an important, important read:
Welcome to Camp Obama. Red handkerchiefs, hm? Nice touch.

I had forgotten, but Julie has not, that St. Thomas More is the patron of politicians. May want to consider putting him to work. Widgets

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