Ave Maria; the human touch

The Sisters of Life are a wonderful bunch of gals dedicated to the service of pregnant women in difficult circumstances. Founded by the mighty Cardinal John O’ Connor, they – in offering support, shelter, social representation and other opportunities – and by supporting the dying, they work against the culture of death, everyday. While some would champion government programs as the answer to every problem, these women, and other faith-based and community-interested programs, working outside the government, do what bureaucracies can never do. Take real, personal interest…and give real, human love:

The people I meet who make a big noise about Compassion (and its sister virtue, Tolerance) tend to be selective on what (and upon whom) their tender mercies may attend, and they look largely to the Government to address their concerns. It is possible, I suppose, to feel great compassion and express it satisfactorily by petitioning the government to take care of everyone and everything. But inefficient government programs rarely perform to expectations, or deliver the human touch. And there, “compassion” fails. It fails in depth.

I like this video (H/T):

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