Friendship & Jerusalem Stones?

Since we’ve been talking Christmas gift ideas for the last few weeks, I stumbled on these while looking for something “different and meaningful” for a friend, and I think they’re gorgeous!

Friendship Stone Tiger’s Eye Necklace

This company offers both jewelry and Inexpensive Birthday, Christmas Gifts | Under $25 , as well.

I am intrigued with the Jerusalem Stones they offer, which seem to come in a small pouch; I like the idea of “having a piece of Jerusalem with me” as one of the commenters says. I’ve written to the company’s founder asking for a picture particularly the Jerusalem Stones described as “cross shaped,” and if she sends one, I’ll post it. These are very pretty, though…

The foundress has a video showing the South African Village where she found the stones. I also like the fact that 10% of all profits go back to the South African village from where the stones are gathered.

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