Thanks for the Gift Ideas!

Just wanted to say thanks for all the great gift ideas offered in response to this bleg. Taking a second look at my Christmas list, I ended up realizing I was short of few kids and teens, so I was very happy to end up purchasing a harmonica and instruction book for one, a leather-working kit for another, a logic/detective game and a few other trinkets. The advice was great, thanks, guys!

Along with buying yet a few more jars of Monastery Mustard (I ordered it too early and my family kept eating the gifts, They make a lot of sandwiches!) I’ve had to go back and order a few more soaps and lotions and rosary bracelets and of course some last minute Mystic Monk Coffee (I’m going to try the Jingle Bell Java for Christmas, and they sell little bag clips and hoodies, now, too!), all of which we talked about here, I’m pretty much done!

I just ordered this very sweet-looking cardigan, in black, for Elder Son’s Sweet Fiance, isn’t it sweet? I love the this second one, also – it would be great with a pair of jeans.

Here’s some of what I’ve bought this year if anyone is interested or looking for gift ideas themselves! Widgets Widgets

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