Vespers & a "Homiliette"

My Li’l Bro Thom suggested that I try adding a little “homiliette” – for lack of a better word – at the end of Vespers, so, here is vespers-with-homiliette for today.

I have no idea if it’s any good or worth doing again, but I can tell you that I made a silly mistake in saying I wanted to “stick with vespers and vesper antiphons”…I meant, I wanted to stick with Advent, of course.

Since we started off with Verse two of O Come Divine Messiah, here are the words:

O Christ, whom nations sigh for,
Whom priest and prophet long foretold,
Come, break the captives fetters,
Redeem the long lost fold.

Dear Savior haste!
Come, come to earth.
Dispel the night
and show your face
and bid us hail the dawn of grace.

O Come Divine Messiah;
the world in silence waits the day
when hope shall sing its triumph,
and sadness flee away.

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  • Jeanette

    As a Baptist I strongly love some of the Catholic “ceremony”?, worship? I don’t know what to call it except it puts my soul at ease. It sounds as though you are reading from Psalms and your voice, except when you do the impression, sounds nothing like Roseanne Roseannadanna.

    Thank you for sending this to me. I enjoyed it very much.

    I should be at church tonight receiving our quarterly communion, but a sinus infection has me down, so I have communed with the Lord through your audio. Thank you!

  • Dane

    I personally like your Roseanne Roseannadanna impression, but you dated yourself with that reference :)

    Your voice is lovely and a your homily was excellent! Indeed God comes to us in our tumult, in our dead places, in our darkness, in places we would think God is not and there we find he is keeping us company.

    My son attends kindergarten and following our Thanksgiving festivities I mentioned to my wife that I needed to prepare our podcasts for Advent, to which my son quickly replied, “He is coming, He is coming!”, a response taught to him in class. It put such smiles on our faces. We knew he had learned it in school, but we also knew it was so true and his expression had a twinge of urgency in the message and the innocent anticipation that could only come from a 6 year old child.

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