Compline in Advent w/ ‘homiliette’

The day got away from me today and I ran out of time for Vespers, so I’ve recorded compline, the prayer to close the night, with an advent/restoration themed “homiliette.”

In my talk, I call myself an derogatory term, which I am. So, you’re warned. If you don’t like that word…well…cover your ears! :-)


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  • Jeanette

    You told God you are an a**hole??? Well, I’m sure if He
    thinks so He agrees with you, but somehow I think He
    doesn’t agree with you.

    You are more harsh on yourself than you should be, but
    that is because you are such a kind and loving person.

    Make the wrong right on Saturday and I’m sure you’ve asked
    the Lord to forgive you.

    Man! I wouldn’t dare use that language with God! :)

    Then again He hears me say similar things so what am I
    hiding from Him? Nothing.

    Thank you for this recording.

    [Heh. God knows what is in my heart (and loves me despite it) and He knows what I'm going to say before I say it; He knows that all of my language is incomplete and imperfect before Him. And He knows I'm a mess. I can only be myself before Him, right? In all my mess and honesty. I wish I could be better, really...but he knows I am his wayward, whiney child... admin]

  • Jeanette

    Yes, He knows us better than we know us. He knew what we
    were going to do before we were in our mothers’ wombs.

    How can people not love and fear, as in a respectful fear,
    the Creator. Actually, I fear Him also, because He is God.

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