"Movement" voters and other things

Just thought you might be interested in this – a buncha Catholics sittin’ around gassing away about what lies ahead for Catholics as “movement” voters!

Some interesting perspectives from center-right Catholic writers you may recognise, and in the middle I get to wag my finger and jump on a soapbox, declaring, first off that I dislike the notion of “movements” as a whole and besides, oversensitive Catholics (and hyper-hurt-feeling Christianity as-a-whole) are ticking me off with all the whining!

I’m no intellectual giant, it’s true, but I do get passionate about things, especially in light of people like Namrata Nayak, who is no shrinking violet of a Christian.

Deacon Greg quotes me! Cool. The only other time I was the “quote of the day” was when my husband came home from work and 3 year old Buster ran up to him and said, “Daddy, Mommy said the S-word today. She said it a lot!” He then toddled off chanting “shitshitshitshitshit”.

It is so glamorous to be quoted!

Linking around:

Oprah is Obama’s Barbra Streisand! Sounds like she’s going to make a pest of herself around the White House and piss of Michelle. I can’t wait for the day Obama makes moon eyes at Halle Berry (who wouldn’t?) and Oprah, ala Streisand, harrumphs, “Sharon Stone? Halle Berry? What does Sharon Stone Halle Berry know about policy?”

As a New Yorker, Caroline voting-is for-little-people Kennedy’s sense of entitlement is pretty infuriating to me. If she wants to be a senator, let her run for the seat, like everyone else.

Ed Morrissey says it all pretty succinctly and links to two articles comparing the treatment of Kennedy to the treatment of Sarah Palin. Charles Krauthammer then brings the point home. Amen. I liked Caroline Kennedy better when she eschewed the limelight.

I told you it was hoo-hah: CNN’s meteorologist dares to tell the truth.

CNN Meteorologist Chad Myers had never bought into the notion that man can alter the climate and the Vegas snowstorm didn’t impact his opinion. Myers, an American Meteorological Society certified meteorologist, explained on CNN’s Dec. 18 “Lou Dobbs Tonight” that the whole idea is arrogant and mankind was in danger of dying from other natural events more so than global warming.

“We have 100 years worth of data, not millions of years that the world’s been around,” Myers continued.

Billions, even. Good for him.

Don Surber has more, and he also has a suggestion about who the angry Prop 8 gays should be mad at, after the Mormons.

American Soldiers Heart Lithuanian Special Forces. That’s kind of nice.

Danielle Bean on Angelina Jolie and the glamour moms

I’m not paying attention
to the “outrage” over Rick Warren hanging out at Obama’s inaugural. But others are marking it. Yes, it’s all pissant grandstanding. Are you not entertained? All stocked up on popcorn, are you?

Much more interesting: Can Catholics claim Shakespeare?

Whoops! Snow is falling.
And I just got an email that Amazon is having a big sale on flannel sheets, which I will consider when I get back: I’ve got to go buy milk. It’s a family tradition. Snow comes, we buy milk, eggs, bread. French toast time! I’ll give you my recipe for it when I get back!

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