Obama & Dems: Put your dreams away…UPDATED

My husband works for a company that is trying to sell their product to places like Lowe’s and Home Depot.

I hear Obama say “BUILDING SPRAWL STOPS NOW!” and I think, there go 800,000 jobs. And along with those jobs, probably another 100,000 jobs in retail and business technologies.

And there goes an awful lot of tax revenue. How we are supposed to pay for this beast of a bill without taxable earnings is something the great “I Won” – who can’t say a positive word about industry, inventiveness or commercial drive – is not addressing.

Oh, yes, there are plenty of construction jobs in the new “stimulus” spending package that will be voted on this morning. They are mostly FEDERAL construction jobs meant to construct or shore up FEDERAL buildings and agencies in and around Washington, DC, where FEDERAL SPRAWL will be allowed. Some construction companies in Bethesda, Maryland may see boom times, but the rest of the country will not.

An American President and members of his party cannot stop flapping their gums, and every time they do, more jobs disappear as they reveal that they are driven less by a desire to serve than to control. They are more interested in backroom connivance than “transparency”.

“Transparency,” it turns out is just a word.

Barack Obama must be giving fits to those backroom supporters who never meant for the nation to so clearly recognise his hyperpartisan purposes – and his limitations – just three weeks into his presidency. Obama is telling his nation to find something else to do, something other than growing, working, creating, building. He wants “energy independence” but does not want drilling and refining, and the jobs that go with them, to take place in America. He wants everyone to have a house, but apparently we’re not supposed to build any new ones. He wants Americans to become less materialistic, more personally responsible for our mistakes, and he wants the government to “spend our way out of debt.”

Much of Obama’s rhetoric is empty, and what is not empty is cagey. He is, increasingly, the “just words” president. He speaks of American dreams, but works to limit them. And he is not alone.

Where does Barney Frank – a comparatively wealthy man
– get off telling free Americans what their salary caps should be?

Where does the extremely rich John Kerry get off worrying on the floor of the United States Senate that Americans are too “free to invest their money where ever they want!”

How dare does set-for-life Church Schumer show such contempt for us “little” people, who simply want to know what we’re being put on the hook for?

Corrupt and singular, many of these little kings and godlings serve themselves, alone, and merely play Legos with the rest of us.

Where do any of these “public servants” – who have either grown wealthy on the public purse or used their wealth to purchase of their office, or have used their office to protect their wealth – get off telling can-do Americans how much they can earn? How dare they begin to dismantle The American Dream, or to discourage the sort of dreaming that made America an exceptional nation of limitless possibility? How dare they – who aspire not to serve but to rule, create destructive, “historic and transformational” 1200-page bills behind closed doors and show them to lobbyists before they show them to legislators or the American public they are supposed to be “serving.”

These majority Democrats seem bent on having Americans labor only for the federal collective, and not for themselves. The already-have’s don’t much care about about anyone else’s dreams.

Now we read that Bill Clinton, desperate for some attention, is joining in on the cheap “end free speech as we know it” campaign that is distinctly the province of the left – the “tolerant” people who would censor a different point of view. They’ll try to regulate free speech on the internet, soon enough.

No good will come of any of this, and we have no free press, questioning anything – who don’t even care that the people voting on this bill will not even have read it, and nor will all but a handful of citizens. The press has become the very thing you can call an entity: utterly useless.

America has long-attracted dreamers, who understood that here existed an abundance of freedom and opportunity, and plenty of room to dream.

Our currently “leadership” want to apportion dreams, and make sure no one is dreaming too much. They – our betters – will do our dreaming for us. They can only handle one dream at a time, though, and right now that dream is socialism and silence, of a decidedly rigid and totalitarian bent.

We have a weapon of subversive freedom, though, in prayer. Use it. And make as much noise as you can with the phones. If nothing else it will be good practice for the coming Son of Stimulus.

Can I say “Godspeed Mrs. Pelosi and don’t hurry back”? No?

Meanwhile, Obama is faster with remarks about the Newark-to-Buffalo plane crash, which tragically claimed 50 lives than he was commenting on loss of over 50 in Kentucky due to ice storms, or honoring the American loss of life that brought Iraq to a stunningly forward-looking Iraqi election.

Added to my list of heinous Democrat flapping guns up above, let’s add Sen. Feinstein’s ability to put our troops at risk and weaken our positions… by accident, of course.

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