Knock-kneed – UPDATED

Sorry so quiet. The family event on Sunday left me knock-kneed tired and yesterday was putting the house back together and attending a wake. We’re reached middle age, now. Now, we’re done going to each other’s kid’s baptisms, communions and Sweet 16 parties, and we’re beginning to bury our parents. Soon, there will be college graduations and weddings. Life goes on.

Taking a look at those headlines today? Pakistan, reassured by the friendliness of the new Administration and the utter lack of cowboy talk coming from America, has no problem talking to the Taliban, anymore. We head resolutely backward to September 10, and forward to the Socialist Wet Dream, simultaneously.

Hey, this is America, we can do anything.

Meanwhile, it is confirmed that Mrs. Pelosi will meet with the pope. As my L’il Bro Thom wrote, “this is going to be a head-of-state-meets head -of- state thing and unlikely to produce any spiritual fireballs” true. But it will still be interesting to watch and I still say the Holy Spirit can do whatever he wants with whomever. Watch and pray is good advice for any day.

Back after I finally get a chance to do a little reading. But let me say this, because I think it’s really important: get ready for Lent. Call an assembly. Prepare a fast. This year, may we Lent like we have never Lented before.

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