Fridays in Lent

Meatless. We get into the Lenten fare. Fish. Beans and Macaroni (my Elder Son relishes the “pastafazoole”). Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup! Irish Soda Bread! (A slightly different recipe here).

And we get together to pray The Way of the Cross

Jesus Meets His Mother, shamelessly cribbed from Deacon Greg

Deacon Greg writes about how his parish does this.

The Way of the Cross is a challenging and exhilarating devotion. It is sad and mournful. And it makes the knees ache as you get down on them 15 times. But it is a great penitential meditation. If you pray it honestly, it strips away the false pride and bravado and gets you to really search yourself and your conscience.

It’s more than that, though. Writers have managed to apply The Way of the Cross to various perspectives – for women, for the sick, for caregivers, for parents – for people enmeshed deeply in various life-journeys – and these bring fresh meaning and often very real hope to many. They are means of opening our situations up to Christ and identifying ourselves with him in his own distress, pain and confusion.

Very powerful stuff. Christianity is not for wimps! :-) Widgets

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