Rosary Podcast; The Glorious Mysteries

I’ve been a little slower getting to them than I’d planned but here is the podcast of the five Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary:

1) The Resurrection
2) The Ascension
3) The Descent of the Holy Spirit
4) The Assumption
5) The Crowning of Mary

I’ll try to have the Luminous Mysteries up before Friday.

Lenten themed Catholic Carnival.

What inspired me to podcast the Rosary
Rosary Podcast; The Sorrowful Mysteries (especially useful in Lent)
Rosary Podcast; The Joyful Mysteries
My other surviving podcasts

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  • Aunty Franny

    Bless you, A for the rosary! My fav weapon. We use it all day long on the 40 Days for Life vigil in San Francisco.

    America Needs Fatima is a group I’ve often scoffed at, but, with the constant turn toward socialism here, I think now they are more right than wrong. Have you heard of them?

    Jesus had to pierce through history Himself to help us. Now his Mother Mary does the same, with the Church’s blessing. I do not run after apparitions, but, growing up with a Legion of Mary mom, well, I set my mind to learning at least all the basics about them because, Mary has the gift of prophesy and we would do well to listen, heed and follow her simple instructions.

    BTW, you had me til I saw the Velveeta in the recipe. My mom’s from Ireland and tho’ never blew up the pressure cooker, I’ve been scarred since childhood with things over boiled, creamed and broiled. Ug. Cream of mushroom soup. Its probably why I turned to so many things organic.

    Only the mass and rosary will save us. I feel we the thinking class have been caught up in a lemming rush!


  • DaveW

    Thank you Anchoress. I downloaded it and look forward to listening to it later. The Glorious mysteries are the ones I have the most trouble with meditating effectively.

    [Me too - admin]

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