And now, the Poster!

I told you about my amusing Sandra Bullock/Rush Limbaugh dream.

Another flashback – this time Sandra Bullock. It’s 10-12 years earlier and she is a smart reporter trying to get out of the shadow of a dumb-but-perky American Sweetheart NewsDitz. Gets a line on a way to infiltrate Rush Limbaugh’s workplace (which, being ten years ago, my brain put in NY) and figures an “insider” expose detailing Limbaugh’s maniacal management and dubious empire will get her noticed and make her America’s New “SMART” Sweetheart NewsDitz. Like the baseball player, she tries too hard to find the dirt, comes face-to-face with a genial and pleasant Limbaugh who humorously has her walked outside and left, storyless and disgraced. We see her in present times, divorced, Mommy-tracked – she encounters a thug she once helped put behind bars, and he doesn’t even remember her enough to hate her. She’s depressed. She dreams of redeeming herself, especially since the Sweetheart AnchorDitz is now Press Secretary to the President, but just looking at current news programs activates the gag-reflex.

Isn’t the poster FABULOUS? And I love the title! “Chasing Rush”

Thanks to talented reader Brian J – I LOVE it.

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  • Peregrine John

    I love it! It’s too early in the day for hysterical laughter in the office (or so someone informs me), but that’s too bad. This is hilarious!

  • Jean Balconi

    I think that would make a better movie than a lot of the ones playing in the last three years. :)

  • Maggie45

    LOL, way to go Brian.

  • Gayle Miller

    Great poster. Dreaming about Rush is easy to do. Brilliant men are very attractive to intelligent women. As though we’re seeking the most worthy amongst the male population to father our progeny. What a shame Rush hasn’t seen fit to reproduce.

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