Back to work tomorrow…

Sorry for the silence. The afternoon was spent with doctors and radiologists, and tomorrow we find out whether Buster has a hernia. I got to do some reading as I sat around waiting or keeping Buster company, but it was very disheartening to learn that blaring televisions broadcasting insipid game shows and screeching talkfests are more the rule than the exception in medical offices, these days. What I noticed was that the patients and family members in the waiting room were reading, talking or otherwise ignoring the set, but the nurses and billing clerks were watching as they worked.

I really dislike the noise of television, particularly when it is not being watched. And I’m not sure people doing my billing (or writing notes into charts) should be stopping to watch Ellen Degeneres dance or Howie Mandel do something on some game show.

Today I realized another reason I loved my son’s previous doctor: his office was blessedly free of television sets. Soft classical music was the order of the day in both the sick and well rooms, and there was no frantic noise – just a sense of calm professionalism.

Oh, for the days.

There is baseball tonight, of course – All-Star Game! My money is on the American League, but I know some will debate that! Most of Thursday will be dedicated to a family birthday (a happy day to be born, on the feastday of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel!) but I think I’ve collected some interesting topics for tomorrow, so be sure to check back!

Go American League! Go Jeter and Teixeira, too!

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  • Victor Savard

    What can I say but good luck and God Bless Buster.

  • galensmark

    Best wishes and rosaries to you & yours.
    I can’t think of any way MLB could be worse than to have Obie ivolved in any way.

  • Mimsy

    Prayers for Buster!

  • Ellen

    I hope Buster is well, and Amen to a call for getting the television out of waiting rooms! Once I went the auto dealership for an oild change and The View was on.

    I sat outside in the hall. I will not be anywhere near that bunch.

    [My appointments with the hematologist always seems to co-incide with that execrable program; loud, shrill and mindless, the whole waiting room full of chemo patients and their families seems to cower from it and turn their heads the other way. Yet it's always on. Ugh -admin]

  • Regina

    I agree wholeheartedly with you regarding the televisions in waiting rooms. Sometimes they’re too loud for conversation, and if one is nervous about one’s medical situation that brought her there, the lobotomy box does nothing to calm the patient.

    I’ve been so annoyed by the box, I’ve gone to the reception desk and told them that I’ll be out in my car and they can call me when it’s my turn.

  • dellbabe68

    Hope Buster is feeling better.

  • Joseph Marshall

    I coined the term “compulsory entertainment” for this abusive presence in waiting rooms and elsewhere. Classical music is not popular here as an alternative, but there seems to be a State law that medical offices must be decorated with landscape painting, preferably either the pseudo-Impressionist or the Northern Italian Stone Steps With Cracked Terra Cotta Pottery variety.

    My best to you and Buster, and my prayers for him.

  • SKay

    I also agree with everyone’s assessment of the physician waiting room TV torture. At the least, ear plugs should be provided.

    I wish Buster well.

  • Gayle Miller

    Did Zero HAVE to invade the broadcast booth and further ruin the night for me? What a crass, self-important fraud he is. On the other side of the coin, we have the magnificence of Buster – how is he feeling? Problem identified?

    I’m not sure what to make of a recent diagnosis I had – a LUMPY thyroid gland! Weird, that!

  • Sue from Buffalo

    I bet the doctors all think that having the television on is precisely what we want. Maybe we should all start telling them that we actually hate it.

    Then things might change.

  • Bill Harnist

    The all seeing eye. Shades of 1984′s Big Brother. A screen in every room. I can’t even eat a Big & Tasty at McDonalds withouth the ubiquitous blaring of the TV set. I notice that people are ignoring their luncheon companions while having their eyes glued to the screen. I really believe it is a conspiracy to turn all our brains into mush. I have’nt watched my TV at home since 6/12. And I am much happier!

  • Jim Hicks

    My Phillies are the Wrold Camps with 5 players on the All-Star team, and yet I could not watch the game last night! No way I was going to be sujected to Him. And besides, the AL beat us as usual.

    You and Buster are in my prayers.

  • Peter from MN

    My prayers for Buster.

    As for Obama’s first pitch at the All Star game: In my comment on your post that featured a picture of Obama showing off his moobs, I expressed the hope that Obama didn’t throw like a girl. His pitch last night confirms that he does.

    At least he didn’t take the field shirtless. Although his coming out in a White Sox’s jacket was just about as bad.

  • dick

    One of the major advantages of being hard of hearing as I am is that I can tune out the television shows and just find other things to look at.