PropaBamaGanda – UPDATED

Well, Ted Kennedy won’t have them destroying his pristine view of Nantucket Sound, but The Capitalists Who Are Eager For You To Obey are busy selling these posters, 2 at a clip, hoping people will paper the nation with the latest USSR-flavored Propaganda Poster, so that you and I will see these windfans, wherever we turn. (Thanks to Philaver and Larwyn)

The People’s Cube couldn’t spoof it better

Yes, you can buy it at a place called (I’m not kidding, you can google it) “The OBEY Store.” As with the posters for “concerned” rock bands currently on tour, many, many trees are killed (the poor planet!) in order to create and distribute these so-called “Subliminal Projects.” The MoveOn email about them states:

The reason we’re selling them two-at-a-time is to make sure they get hung up all over. We’re working with a coalition of other organizations on a new campaign to “Cover September in Windmills.”

Such busy, busy bees, they are. Tireless, obedient laborers for the collective, free to propagate their propaganda and make a buck or two on it, too! Is America a great country, or what?

Ben Franklin published what was the first editorial cartoon in America,”Join or Die.”

I wish I had artistic gifts; there has to be a cartoon idea in there, somewhere – something involving these busy worker bees and the phrase, “Obey or Die”.


Let’s try again…Obey AND Die:

The “forbidden” Gov’t Run Health Care Chart

Ah, Obviously I am no artist.

Speaking of political cartoons:

(Via Hot Air)

The invaluable Chris Muir is seeking donations to keep his strip going.

Hmmmm….a world with more Communist-era-inspired Windmills, or more Political Cartoons. One is propaganda, the other is free speech.

Choose, or die?

UPDATE: This isn’t propaganda, but Tom Elia sent this and, watching it, I wondered if this lady Obeys. I give her points for showing up and stating her opinions. Can someone tell her that on the East Coast we do not believe in slavery? Terresa has more.

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