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Well, Ted Kennedy won’t have them destroying his pristine view of Nantucket Sound, but The Capitalists Who Are Eager For You To Obey are busy selling these posters, 2 at a clip, hoping people will paper the nation with the latest USSR-flavored Propaganda Poster, so that you and I will see these windfans, wherever we turn. (Thanks to Philaver and Larwyn)

The People’s Cube couldn’t spoof it better

Yes, you can buy it at a place called (I’m not kidding, you can google it) “The OBEY Store.” As with the posters for “concerned” rock bands currently on tour, many, many trees are killed (the poor planet!) in order to create and distribute these so-called “Subliminal Projects.” The MoveOn email about them states:

The reason we’re selling them two-at-a-time is to make sure they get hung up all over. We’re working with a coalition of other organizations on a new campaign to “Cover September in Windmills.”

Such busy, busy bees, they are. Tireless, obedient laborers for the collective, free to propagate their propaganda and make a buck or two on it, too! Is America a great country, or what?

Ben Franklin published what was the first editorial cartoon in America,”Join or Die.”

I wish I had artistic gifts; there has to be a cartoon idea in there, somewhere – something involving these busy worker bees and the phrase, “Obey or Die”.


Let’s try again…Obey AND Die:

The “forbidden” Gov’t Run Health Care Chart

Ah, Obviously I am no artist.

Speaking of political cartoons:

(Via Hot Air)

The invaluable Chris Muir is seeking donations to keep his strip going.

Hmmmm….a world with more Communist-era-inspired Windmills, or more Political Cartoons. One is propaganda, the other is free speech.

Choose, or die?

UPDATE: This isn’t propaganda, but Tom Elia sent this and, watching it, I wondered if this lady Obeys. I give her points for showing up and stating her opinions. Can someone tell her that on the East Coast we do not believe in slavery? Terresa has more.

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  • Rand Careaga

    Politics aside, and speaking here as a designer by trade, the late USSR produced some damn fine poster art during its latter decades once it got past the whole “socialist realism” kick. The “Clean Energy” poster you reproduce here, although not half bad, isn’t in the same league.

    It’s interesting how technology drives artistic fashions: I can look at a lot of the commercial art produced over the past twenty years and tell by the style approximately which iteration of “Adobe Illustrator” the designer was using.

  • Debbie

    Something that seems to not being broadcast in the media about windmill technology is the fact that they kill raptors and other wildlife that fly at the same altitude of the windmills.
    An example from Columbia Univ

    It’s really an issue that needs to be discussed because I don’t want to be wasting tax payer dollars on wind mills when they may have to be scrapped because of killing endangered species.

  • dry valleys

    Further international agencies may need to be established in order to confront together the stewardship of this “home” of ours; more important, however, is the need for ever greater conviction about the need for responsible cooperation.

    The problems looming on the horizon are complex and time is short. In order to face this situation effectively, there is a need to act in harmony. One area where there is a particular need to intensify dialogue between nations is that of the stewardship of the earth’s energy resources.

    The technologically advanced countries are facing two pressing needs in this regard: on the one hand, to reassess the high levels of consumption due to the present model of development, and on the other hand to invest sufficient resources in the search for alternative sources of energy and for greater energy efficiency.

    Further & further

    We wouldn’t want any cafeteria Catholics who only follow the Church’s teaching when it suits them, would we?

    I’m actually inclined to agree about windmills, but I hardly think people should be berated for showing concern. If what they do isn’t benefiting the environment, you explain what will, assuming you think mankind’s impact on the planet isn’t limitless.

  • dry valleys

    Links not working:


    “I am inclined to agree” here

    Can’t remember what the other one was.

  • dry valleys

    Right- this is my last go.

    Nice blog to be reading.

  • dry valleys

    Delete the posts that didn’t come off- can’t get these links to work – probably I was just talking toss anyway :)

    [This is a good tutorial on how to make a link - admin]

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  • kelleybee

    I would like a small home windmill to produce home electricity. But the Guardian Fathers/Mothers in my county say they are too noisy and too ugly for their county. They do not measure up to the community aesthetics. Sarcasm/on: Placing them only in fly over country works because hicks don’t know the difference between athletics and aesthetics. Sarcasm/0ff.

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  • waywardinn

    I look at that windmill propaganda poster and I can’t help but think that it has something to do with the Teletubbies Generation and the Teletubbies, that creepy children’s program that had the pinwheel in the background.

  • Joe Odegaard

    I am dismayed to see that politicians and political associations (move on in this case) have glommed on to alternative energy, solar energy, etc. As human beings all together we need to move toward a better stewardship of the planet, yes with windmills too, and the politicos are injecting resentments and argument into what should be an obvious and happy direction for us all to take. I wish the politicos would all go away.

  • ricki

    I think people should send copies of that “The 47 Million “uninsured”” cartoon to all congresspeople, AND to all their friends and neighbors who have bought into the “Millions of Americans are uninsured and face health insecurity unless the government DOES SOMETHING” hype.

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