Bottom Lines vs Love…

Putting a human face on the fears of so many, Kim at Musing Minds -daughter of an older American and mother of a “special needs” American – writes to her representative about her concerns.

It must be asked: will rationing and bottom lines usurp the primacy of love?

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  • mrp

    will rationing and bottom lines usurp the primacy of love?


  • Jeanette

    Kim is a wonderful person and a wonderful mother.

    The letter she sent to her congresswoman brought tears to my eyes even though I knew about her mother and her daughter. I am proud to call her friend, just as I am proud to call you friend, Dear A.

    I hope her democrat congresswoman actually reads Kim’s letter and does a little soul-searching before pressing the “Aye” button at the vote.

  • Myssi

    Yesterday evening, I took dinner to friends whose
    dear daughter and stepdaughter has moved in with them to receive hospice care. The daughter can only get more chemo for her cancer if she can walk through the door to get it. That sounds callous; however, if she is not strong enough to walk, the chemo will do more harm than good.
    Her mother and daughter were also at my friend’s home when I arrived, as was the hospice nurse. Her husband was working, because even when your wife may be dying, there are bills to be paid for your children’s sakes.
    Love definitely held primacy in that home yesterday and it does today and it will tomorrow. And, please God, the strength of that love will give Heather the strength to walk in for that chemo and to beat this horridly aggressive cancer. I encouraged Heather and told her that I would pray for her to be able to walk, but she has to cooperate with the physical therapist who is coming tomorrow. She grinned a little, though I could tell it hurt, and nodded that she would.
    And, yet, I found myself praising God for her private insurance and feeling unfortunately sure that “the public option” or “insurance cooperative” wouldn’t pay for the chemo that doesn’t seem to be working, much less for the physical therapist who will not only help her walk, but help her be strong enough to hold her infant son.
    Is this really what my country has come to? Are each of us as individuals ready to take responsibility for giving the federal government permission to deny treatment and thereby end lives? I’m not ready to let any government play God, because it’s been too long since I’ve seen either party do governing well. And so, I prayed and continue to pray: “Father, Heather needs to walk and our country needs healing as desperately as she does. Help us all, for the sake of Your Son, who suffered for us and in His name, Amen.”