Much Catching up to do…

Well, my unplanned bit of traveling ended well-enough, but I see I have an awful lot of catching up to do – lots of comments, lots of email. Please bear with me, I also have lots of catching up to do at home as well. Peace, out!

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  • cathyf

    So you start this big knock-down drag out on the BH-Rick thread and then leave town…

    Mighty convenient timing as the Church Lady would say!

    [I had absolutely no control over the timing. Someone in my family needed assistance. But I never intended this to be a knock-down-drag-out. I never intended to diss Rick, either. Oy. Will write after a night's sleep. -admin]

  • Gayle Miller

    You are worth the wait. And where you are concerned, it is wholly inappropriate to assign unlovely motives to you.

  • cathyf

    Sorry, that didn’t come out with the tone I intended, which was teasing. It didn’t occur to me until this morning that you might not have actually had time to read the thread yet — because if you had you would have realized that it was about as far away from a knock-down drag out as possible!

    I was mostly trying to give you a hard time about the fact that you started a really really good discussion (Bender in particular was brilliant) and then you didn’t get to participate.

    [Heh. Participate - I haven't even been able to finish reading all the comments yet! Wow! Never expected this sort of response. -admin]

  • Sally Thomas

    Well, I hope it will bear good fruit. He reminds me very much of a Rick I know in real life, of whom I am quite fond, though at this stage I’m not sure it’s mutual. This has been a good reminder that I need to pray for “my” Rick.