A prayer for the day…

A reader emailed trying to find this intercessory prayer and I thought I’d repost it, for any interested, since these do seem like days in need of prayer, don’t they? It is a prayer of supplication for the good of others, and for ourselves, that I wrote while describing my prayer before the Blessed Sacrament:

The prayer was long because where I could, I prayed everyone by name – but even if I could not do that, I still brought it all forward. I felt so ragged and unworthy – like a slave, or the lowliest servant – escorting one person after another, one group after another into the presence of His Majesty, each time introducing them thusly:

“Lord, the one you love is sick…”

“Lord, the one you love is weeping…”

“Lord, the ones you love are overworked and fretful…”

“Lord, the one you love is lonely…”

“Lord, the one you love is under siege…”

“Lord, the ones you love are oppressed…”

“Lord, the ones you love are over-burdened…”

“Lord, the ones you love are slaves to hate…”

I brought everyone in and then receded into the background, bowing low, imagining my own self nose-to-the-ground, almost prostrate and dared not look up, praying,

“…help them to comprehend the truth and strength and inviolability of your love, the generosity of your mercy – show to them the outpouring of your grace, gift them with your healing and let them recognize it and trust in it, for your gifts bestowed are never rescinded. You, Alpha and Omega, in whom we live and move and have our being, spread forth your peace like sweetest honey to refresh starving hearts and weary spirits. Let your light touch us like consoling balm to soothe and warm our chilled humanity, so that we might be opened to your justice and willing to be made whole. But I am no worthy intercessor, only a faulty and broken vessel trusting in your mercy. Consider not what I deserve in your sight but only the needs of these whom you love, these I bring before you, and for whom I, the lowest servant, plead. Let my prayer rise before you like incense, to carry these forward. Forgive my sins, especially my failures in love, my sins of omission (for you know those are vast and heavy) and cast them behind your back as your prophet Isaiah has promised, and with your grace may I do better. Jesus, Son of the living God, have mercy on me, a sinner, in your name I pray…”

Originally part of Weakness is Sown, Strength Rises Up.

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  • Fuquay Steve

    Bless you.

  • http://victor-undergo.blogspot.com/ Victor

    Your prayer made me think of picking up my twelve string guitar and singing, Come by ya my Lord, Come by ya!

    All kidding aside! I sure hope you included my name in your prayer cause God knows I need “IT” plenty!

    Keep UP the good words!

    God Bless,


  • cathyf

    I was reading the other day that there is an iPhone app to manage your lists of people to pray for. Now I haven’t seen it, nor have I heard anyone comment upon it, so I don’t know if it is actually what it sounds like it is. But, anyway, I couldn’t help thinking what a delight it would be to create such a thing!

    (When I pray the morning office I add all my petitions after the intercessions there. I gather together people in different groups, but then I always forget somebody and so I interrupt myself after I’ve moved on to the next petition. After a few times I’m telling God that I’m sure thankful that He’s omniscient so he can keep it all straight, and while we’re discussing omniscience, could He please remember whomever I’m completely forgetting, and what was I saying again?)

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  • Gary Keith Chesterton

    Now that’s a prayer.