How I annoy my family

My Elder Son just lost patience with me and the Splenda envelopes.

“Why is it, everywhere I turn, in the kitchen, on the counter, over the sink, even on your desks, I see these torn little packets of Splenda, and white dust everywhere?”

I only like half a pack of Splenda in my coffee. So, I use half a pack. Then I fold the envelope for the next cup’s use. Then I forget that I’ve done that and open a new envelope anyway. Yeah, it’s annoying. Sometimes I even get upset at myself, when I have six half-used packs of Splenda (and bits of white granular thingies) all over my desk.

But Elder Son has plenty of annoying habits, too. What’s yours?

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  • Pamela

    I have long hair. (No that isn’t the annoying thing.) When I wash it, some inevitably comes off on my hands and I pick it off and wipe it onto the shower wall so that it doesn’t wash down and clog the drain. It sticks nicely while it is wet. The annoying part is that I always forget to clean it off the shower and throw it into the trash. After a while, it really starts building up. My husband finds that annoying, but I always ask him if he’d rather I let it wash down the drain. He usually tells me, no he’d rather I cleaned it up after I’m finished with my shower. I admit it is annoying.