At the dinner table, when fasting

So, this is what happens when you are fasting but you still have to cook supper. You find a new recipe for chicken that sounds good and you make it.

And the suppertime conversation goes like this:

Hubby: What is this?

Me: It’s a new recipe. It sounded good.

Buster: Mom…you’re fasting. Everything sounds good to you right now.

Me: It’s not good?

Hubby: Um…no. Not really. It’s okay…but…please don’t ever make this again. Ever.

Buster: I hate to say it, but this kinda sucks.

Me: It smells good!

Buster: EVERYTHING smells good when you’re fasting!

Hubby: Next time you’re fasting, just order in, okay? I would have been fine with pizza.

Upon hearing the word Pizza, the dog’s ears perked up and my stomach gave a giant kick.

Who said prayer is for wimps? :-)

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