Sorry so quiet…

Our little getaway was great, but awoke today with a bad cold and an earache -likely from all the wind and rain and the walking on the beach.

Wouldn’t change a minute of it, but man, I’m hurting just now. Will be back to work hopefully tonight, definitely tomorrow, and emails…well, I’ll try to get to them this week!

Hope y’all are well!

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  • Mutnodjmet

    I have earaches — they are the worst.

    I saw the beach pictures — they remind me of the coast of southern Maine, where my family had a vacation home for many years. It looked beautiful.

    I hope you had a grand getaway, to make up for the nasty virus.

    Prayers that you get back to top form soon. You know something big is going to happen this week… it has for the past 40 or so!

  • Mimsy

    Hope you are feeling better! Blessings & Prayers!