Pier Giorgio Frassati; Vampire Slayer?

In pop culture, Vampires are currently (again) all the rage, and Fr. Z makes the amusing and not so off-base observation that this icon of our dear friend, Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati, looks a bit like a vampire slayer.

The Dominican Tertiary from Italy is actually shown holding his rosary and his beloved skis, but I thought it was amusing, just the same. And since we know (in fact we have the pictures to prove it) that Pier Giorgio had a wonderful sense of humor, I bet he’d find it amusing, as well.

Kind of amazed the Icon writer did not have Pier Giorgio’s pipe showing from a pocket!

“The end for which we are created invites us to walk a road that is surely sown with a lot of thorns, but it is not sad; through even the sorrow, it is illuminated by joy.”
— Pier Giorgio Frassati

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  • dymphna

    The first time I saw this icon I thought, patron of Slayers… cool. Then I realize it was skis.

    [The rosary actually adds to that perception; if you don't know what you're looking at, it's easy to see the guy with "a cross and spikes" as a vampire slayer. -admin]

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    You know, I was into vampires before it was cool, back when vampires were named Barnabas, and even watching (by then) old movies of vampires and wolfmen chasing Abott and Costello. And now that they are everywhere, and every other movie/show on that ruined cable channel SyFy (what an idiotic name), it is all rather tiresome and boring.

    In any event, if only we could find some saint to come pound his wooden stake-skis into the hearts of those currently sucking the life-blood out of this country.

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  • Regina

    Thank you dear Anchoress for introducing me to Pier Giorgio. I’d asked his intercession for finding a job for my daughter, and she has what I believe to be the perfect job for her. I’m also asking his intercession for your young friend Adam.

    I’m also praying to God to grant a miracle through Pier Giorgio’s intercession so that he may be canonized.

    What a fabulous young man; if he can chase off fascists, I’m sure he could slay vampires as well!

    [Thank you for talking to Pier Giorgio about Adam; I am too. Adam, I understand, must undergo 39 sessions of chemo therapy and then radiation. He needs lots of prayers, for the cancer is very aggressive. His parents need prayers, too, of course. -admin]