Wreath Blegging & More

Got a really nice note from the Norbertine Nuns in California, who thanked me for mentioning their wreaths, which are selling gangbusters, according to the Abbess. Have any of you ordered any? I am curious to know what you think, because the Boy Scout troop we usually buy ours from is selling popcorn instead of wreaths this year, so I need a new outlet, and if I can buy a wreath and help out a monastic house, I’m up for that! Perhaps I will order one, this week.

UPDATE: From a reader who asks not to be identified: Please do not disclose our name. We have not only acquired three beautiful wreaths from the Norbertines, but we have also just visited their monastery. The sisters are wonderful, inspirational. They cannot handle serious website traffic, but what you have done to publicize them is a blessing for them and all of us. Their needs are great. Their work is phenomenal.

Speaking of “buying,” did anyone go out for “black Friday?” I didn’t but I never do. Crowded stores make me feel all ughy. What was it like for you? Instead I stayed in and took some of the excellent advice I received here, for children’s books, and I also found (for my yellow-lovin’ ballerina 3 year-old niece) this book and this yellow tutu, that is almost offensively cute!

I’m sending Buster back to school with a gift for one of his favorite coaches. Can you guess what it is? Why, yes, it is a sample pack (two samples, actually) of Mystic Monk Coffee, along with one of their new travel mugs, which is my new favorite hot beverage container.

You can’t really tell from the picture, but what is cool about the mug is that while the bottom is perfectly round for your cup-holder, the body streamlines into an oval, with a thumb-ledge. So if you’re carrying it and other things, it is easier to grasp. Also, the lid has real a real o-ring, which provides real sealing, so things seem to stay hotter, longer. I like it. It is my early stocking-stuffer from hubby!

And then there are these really lovely sterling silver and enamel cross earrings, from our friend Kim at Musing Minds and her little Cottage Industry

Being something of a cottage industry, myself (someday I’ll get my Zazzle shop going!) I do like to talk up those businesses that are mom-owned or family-run. I still wear and use the very same sturdy, lovely fancy agate rosary bracelet I’ve been talking about for three years, from just such an enterprise.

Hey, Mother Angelica started with handmade fishing lures. Then she became one of the biggest fishers of men in recent times! I say kiss your endeavors up to the Lord, and keep dreaming!

FTC Disclosure: purchasing wares from Amazon, or Aquinas & More, or the Nuddle Blanket or the Mystic Monks via the buttons in my sidebar or the links within this post generates modest income for this site. Nuns and cottage industries, however, are nice to buy from, just because they’re nice to buy from!

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  • Midge

    Rats- I just bought something from Amazon for my hubby- and didn’t think to go through your site! I will buy my granddaughter’s books this way- thanks for the little reminder after your wreath bleg

  • Signe

    Just to let you know that I’ve ordered coffee for a couple of gifts and myself, plus a CD, plus a mug! I’m not a coffee maven, but am looking forward to the monks’ brews!

    [Thank you! I'm sure the monks are very grateful too! -admin]

  • Piano Girl88

    I did not even walk out of my house to get the mail on Friday! I’ll be placing an order with the Monks for coffee to go in Christmas boxes. This is the only time of year when I feel a bit “too blessed” with friends! And I need to get started on the hot chocolate mix frenzy for friends, as well as fudge for all of my students. Let me know about the wreaths…I have a poinsettia wreath I made a few years ago that I keep hauling out because I like it, but I wouldn’t mind a touch of the “scent of Christmas” hanging somewhere else in the house!

    [I just got an email from woman who has bought the Norbertine wreaths for the past three years and loves them, and from a man who says they are very fresh and long-lasting. I'm sold; will order one tomorrow -admin]

  • http://musing-minds.com kimsch

    Thank you so much for the link!

    [Your welcome! -admin]

  • Jokr39

    I did go out on Friday morning only because my youngest woke me when she came into our bed. I figured since I couldn’t go back to sleep, I might as well try to get that one item that I did not see anywhere else. When I got to the store the police were keeping order, the line was 5 wide and stretched around the corner. I got what I wanted (one Barbie furniture gift set-saved about $30) and was home by 5:48 a.m. I told my husband that while all of the people were friendly, happy and cooperative, it was kind of sad what Christmas has become. While I love making a happy Christmas for my family, I miss the days when it was just my parents and siblings on a quiet Christmas Eve full of anticipation. Then it truly felt like a holy night–now it’s just seems like the end of a marathon.

    [Precisely why I cut my list way back this year, and want to finish my shopping in plenty of time to be able to not think about it, and just concentrate on Christmas -admin]

  • Theresa Tremmel

    Have you all seen the You Tube video- “12 Gays of Christmas”? It’s just utter dancing joy and a spirit lifter amidst all the ups and downs of the season. Every time I watch it I am left shaking my head in upper appreciation and mirth.
    Pure mirth.
    Such joy is holy seems to me.

    [Hey, T, nice to see you again. The video? Honestly I am positively allergic to teenage girls overdoing the whooooooaaaaa, thing. Perhaps it's because I never had daughters, but my inner scrooge comes out. I can't watch the video. :-) admin]

  • Theresa Tremmel

    No Admin–it’s not teen girls!!–it’s dancers-real true dancers. Take it from me. You will laugh and give thanks. The air splits alone will leave you gasping. I would not lead you astray. This is wonderful. The Partidge in a Pear Tree line choreography -com’on-it’s brilliant! Anchoress-we are children of White Christmas. Vera Ellen and anorexia be damned-dancing is dancing.
    There shall be Dancing!
    BTW-I have always been here. At your site. I appreciate beauty.

    [T - thanks, yer sweet. I TRIED to watch the video, and saw the dancers, who were very good; I just couldn't take the screaming girls, and had to give up by, I think, the 8th day! :-) -admin]

  • RS

    UPS finally gave up trying to catch me at home and left my Norbertine wreath on my porch yesterday, Deo gratias. It was a bit smooshed on the bottom from a week standing up in UPS trucks (my fault, not the Sisters’), but fluffed up well. It takes up most of my kitchen table. Now my entire apartment smells like real evergreen! Thank you so much for bringing this ministry to my attention! The Sisters are very sweet, too. When I placed my order, they asked how I heard about them, and my wreath came with a personal card.

    [They do seem very sweet, indeed -admin]