Staying on top of Climategate

Vanderleun calls it: “Something Wonderful.”

Check out Ed Driscoll’s Really excellent video.

Then see how the staggering Barbara Boxer tries to frame things

A Professor of Meteorology
at MIT should Call Mrs. Boxer and clue her in…he can tell her about the important typo

What it’s like to be the guy who got shut-up

James Delingpole: It’s all Unraveling, Now -well, but the press still controls the conversation.

Bret Stephens: Follow the Money, as always

Derek Lowe: On Scientific Conduct

2 Interesting Links:
Via Instapundit and 2 more…

Australia: Defeats Cap and Trade. Also, see this.

Deconstructing The computer models

Charlie Martin: This isn’t Climate Science, it’s Climate Scientology

Just One Minute: Checking the footnotes

PJTV: Should Al Gore Give Back his Oscar? Oh, let him have his baubles.

Roger Simon: It’s not just about the weather. No, as I said last week, this is a “destroyer of world views” and as such must be put down.

Belmont Club: Are you a climate criminal?

The First Lie: Is the Deepest

A Plea: for Climate Glasnost

Ace: Climategate Makes the Daily Show. I guess Stewart has scooped Couric.

Iowahawk: The Secret Life of Climate Researchers


Copenhagen: Even James Hanson hopes it fails, but who knows what to think of him?

O/T but worth watching: Not everyone needs teleprompters (H/T Pianogirl)

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