Staying on top of Climategate

Vanderleun calls it: “Something Wonderful.”

Check out Ed Driscoll’s Really excellent video.

Then see how the staggering Barbara Boxer tries to frame things

A Professor of Meteorology
at MIT should Call Mrs. Boxer and clue her in…he can tell her about the important typo

What it’s like to be the guy who got shut-up

James Delingpole: It’s all Unraveling, Now -well, but the press still controls the conversation.

Bret Stephens: Follow the Money, as always

Derek Lowe: On Scientific Conduct

2 Interesting Links:
Via Instapundit and 2 more…

Australia: Defeats Cap and Trade. Also, see this.

Deconstructing The computer models

Charlie Martin: This isn’t Climate Science, it’s Climate Scientology

Just One Minute: Checking the footnotes

PJTV: Should Al Gore Give Back his Oscar? Oh, let him have his baubles.

Roger Simon: It’s not just about the weather. No, as I said last week, this is a “destroyer of world views” and as such must be put down.

Belmont Club: Are you a climate criminal?

The First Lie: Is the Deepest

A Plea: for Climate Glasnost

Ace: Climategate Makes the Daily Show. I guess Stewart has scooped Couric.

Iowahawk: The Secret Life of Climate Researchers


Copenhagen: Even James Hanson hopes it fails, but who knows what to think of him?

O/T but worth watching: Not everyone needs teleprompters (H/T Pianogirl)

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  • Tempus Fugit

    Global Warming might as well be a cult. Simply exposing the fraud won’t be enough to convince some people; they will need to be deprogrammed.

  • newton

    AGW is more of a Bernie Madoff-style scam than a cult, IMHO.

  • Tragic Christian

    Oh, I would feel so much better if the anti-Gore guys in the video weren’t such obvious nutjobs.

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  • Kensington

    This scandal is a gift from God, but the people in that video confronting Gore act like loons, and if they persist with the “NAZI!!!1!,” “New World Order!!!!!1!,” and “TRAITOR!!1!!” stuff, they’re going to repell everyone who might finally be willing to see the truth about this.

    [I suspect Vanderleun called it "something wonderful" because he is an old ex-hippy who can identify with the "speaking truth to power." The hippies looked nuts, too, of course! :-) -admin]

  • Joan of Argghh!

    Pffft!! The AGW crowd watched L.Ron Hubbard start a church out of thin air, and then they dreamed big.

  • Ellen

    Climate has fluctuated so much in recorded history from the Medieval warm period to the Little Ice Age in the 19th century. I still remember the 1970s and the New! Ice! Age! that would soon be upon us. The fact is that there’s so much we don’t know, and I think it is the height of hubris to pretend we can turn back the sea, and cause the earth to cool.

  • Elizabeth K.

    Re: the first link. Unfortunately, I have to agree with the commenter who stated that these people just look like loons. Screaming “New World Order” in a bookstore at Al Gore ain’t gonna do a thing, it just makes the case that “deniers” are a bunch of nutjobs. Something wonderful? Hardly that. Far more people are going to be intrigued enough to check things out by Jon Stewart’s take than by this. As someone who is only now willing to entertain the idea that AGW may be bad science, I have to say the hat-wearing-crazies made me want to side with Gore again!

  • dry valleys

    Camoron’s team turn on Davis for attack on green agenda

    Mind you, it seems to me only people who were already sceptics are bigging this up. Your new pal James Delingpole has been at it for years, as has your other pal Mel Phillips. The likes of Davis probably never really accepted it, they may be speaking more boldly now but they’re only ever saying what they always thought.

    I personally think it has just been pounced upon by those who were always sceptics. But then I have said that, while I continue to accept AGW, my views & the policy outcomes I suggest* would be little altered if it really all turned out to be made up (& this is a claim which I recall has been made since 2007 if not before, & someone called Ian Plimer was talking about it in the Spectator a bit ago before this new incident).

    *Which are more local & in fact somewhat anti-government, in many instances, but are very serious. I have for example been a Woodland Trust member since I was 14- how about that, eh?

    PS- In Australia, too, the splits within conservative ranks are even more hardcore. I suspect Rudd will be strengthened as voters hate a show of disunity & will punish any opposition which shows it. I find this a bit regrettable as, while I supported him over Howard, & generally prefer “the left” to “the right”, the last thing any country wants is a very long incumbency & a weak opposition.

    PPS- Have been working longer hours due to it being almost Christmas. Comment may not be perfect!

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  • anniebird

    It’s hard to see this as something wonderful. The people who confront Gore in this video behave like fringe crazies – I suspect they have as much appeal for the average person as left-wing loons who employ the same tactics. I know that I’m repelled by anyone who screams things in a public place, “truth to power” or not. If your passions and convictions render you unable to present your position in a balanced and thoughtfully informed way, perhaps its best to say nothing.

  • Mom of 4

    I agree with those who’ve commented that it’s a shame that the anti-Gore people sound like NWO crazies. They do our side no favors; there’s more than enough evidence to debunk human-caused global warming hysteria without resorting to conspiracy theories.

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  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Whether the anti-Gore people sound crazy or not, the fact is—it is beginning to look like a hoax. We shouldn’t be tempted to reject the evidence just because of one video where Gore looks saner than his accusers (he really isn’t.)

    Valleys, why would you not change your views on policy outcomes and the rest if AGW is proved to be incorrect?

  • dry valleys

    Because I have always supported practical measures to reduce pollution & conserve open spaces, & foster enjoyment of these among urbanites, rather than grand & far-fetched schemes.

    Accordingly, such policies as I support, such as the establishment of national parks & building restrictions in certain areas, can be justified without any reference to carbon.

    You know, furthermore, not one of the blogs I have read have made reference to climategate. A lot of them conservatives, many of them already sceptics, they just seem not to think this is important?

  • Gerry

    Check out Ed Driscoll’s Really excellent video. – goes to a WSJ editorial, related, but no video there.

  • dry valleys

    Are any countries getting cold feet on Copenhagen?

    I have heard some mutterings from Saudi Arabia. But they were always critical of things like this anyway, as they are quite big into their fossil fuels.

    Worth observing around the world.

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  • Cromagnum

    I found an interesting foreign documentary Climate Catastrophe Cancelled from Finland. It was published online just before the CRU scandal broke

    Its 30 minutes, but might be worth adding to the list on the main post

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Well, Valleys, there’s nothing wrong with cutting back on pollution, or conserving open spaces—but a lot of the recommendations the AGW people have been making go way, way beyond that! Calculating “carbon footprints?” Considering children burdens on Mother Earth? And, of course, those dim light bulbs the Anchoress (and many others) hate so much (with good reason!)

    Why should people be forced to drastically change their lives when the “disaster” such change is supposed to prevent doesn’t even exist? (It will, however, give a lot of power to the government, and unelected bureaucracies.)

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    And, many of the blogs I’ve looked at, have mentioned it, such as Michelle Malkin, Ace of Spades, Protein Wisdom, and others. Check out some of the sites on the sidebar here.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Also, Pajamasmedia has quite a few articles about “Climategate”.

  • dry valleys

    I nip along to those blogs every now & then. The only US blogs I actually read are Andrew Sullivan (good chum of yours, eh?), Daniel Larison & I think this one, which I stopped by to temporarily say something on & haven’t stopped yet. (I found it through the Wikipedia entry on Ace of Spades, though I can no longer remember why I was reading that!)

    Of course, being as I am British & have spent my entire life living in Great Britain, it is mainly the Britosphere that I browse.

    Accordingly I may not know all there is to be known about America- my excuse is that I don’t particularly need to. Why visit a US blog whose views differ so enormously from mine? You’d have to ask a psychiatrist why I feel driven to do that. :)

    Views change over time. But I can think of no major issue on which I have had an about-face since I became politically aware, about a year ago, having somehow managed not to notice current events until Brown’s incursions into civil liberties, overspending on ill thought out schemes & general failure to do anything of worth politicised me. I now see that Blair, whom I’d never really noticed, was as bad & was in fact the same.

    Weirdly enough, I was just on the brink of saying that none of my pals have mentioned the matter when I came across this. So now it has been mentioned!

  • dry valleys

    Indian peasants get themselves involved

    Still only Saudi Arabia that is advancing the sceptic point of view at government level.

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