Cognitive Dissonance & Obama's Powergrab

NPR does not understand why the public is not more panicked about Global Warming.

It’s the cognitive dissonance, stupid! As we watch the world’s chummy elite eschew video conferencing in order to gather in Copenhagen while amassing a huge carbon footprint with their planes, trains, automobiles, printed programs, photographers, kleig lights, etc, we find it difficult to believe that the rest of us must hang our laundry out to dry and give up our incandescent light bulbs in order to save the planet.

Now, after ignoring the Climategate story for over two weeks, the “independent” media prepares sing as one voice about Climate, Copenhagen and the need for statism to save the planet, the press still does not understand why we do not believe them.

Says Instapundit: If they were really worried about global warming they’d be doing this by Skype. But they live in a culture of entitlement. Energy conservation and carbon limits, like taxes, are for the little people.

As I wrote last year:

. . .if this “crisis” is as real as we are being told, then these steps should be taken immediately:

* Declare a 2 or 3 year moratorium on all rock/pop concerts, in every venue, but especially in stadiums and at night. Gaia could live for several hundred years more just on the absence of match-lighted power ballads, the darkening of stage and stadium lights, the canceled pyrotechnics, the unplugged amplifiers and garaged roadie trucks and buses, the grounded private jets, and the unprinted commemorative posters. I am a fan of U2, but if not lighting a few million Hanukkah candles could do so much, then perhaps canceling their splendidly ironic ZOO-TV tour of 1992-3 could have, all by itself, saved the planet for all time: each one of its 157 shows — just the shows themselves — used one million watts of power.
* Cancel [all] Olympics — [All] Olympics will require enormous amounts of energy to transport and house hundreds of thousands of athletes, spectators, and journalists. Consider all the energy wasted in lighting arenas and transmitting images and commentary. Consider the deforestation resulting from all of those programs and paper sports-drink cups. In a “crisis,” we ought not be amusing ourselves with athletics. In fact, let’s cancel baseball and football, hockey and all ice-dancing, too, until the planet can be officially declared “saved.”
* Suspend all film and nonessential television production — In a time of genuine “crisis” we cannot in good conscience fire up those klieg lights, blow up those cars, chauffeur those stars, burn that petroleum-based film, or fly over to Cannes — privately, of course — for promotional purposes or dress fittings. “What,” you cry, “no new Die Hards or Rambos?” Well, if this is a “crisis” we’re going to have to act like it’s a crisis. I know it’s hard, but we must be brave — after all, we’re trying to save the world here.

If the elites are not going to do all that (and yes, destroy large swaths of the economy, but come on -the earth is dying!) then they deserve only our ridicule.

And -more cognitive dissonance- if these are the people who, we are told, champion science above faith and reason, shouldn’t they care about the bastardization of scientific methodology? Shouldn’t they be livid to know that the “science” behind their narrative has been politicized, distorted and “tricked” or that the raw data upon which it is all supposedly based has been “thrown away?”

Apparently, they are not mad, at all, about the bad science. They are simply offended that it was exposed! (Don’t miss the pics at that link).

The phonies are gathering in tolerant Copenhagen. We are breathlessly assured that the head phony -not Al Gore, who has become the dreadful “poet laureate of Climate Change”, but Barack Obama -is going to descend unto that City of Snow and save the planet by virtue of his winsome smile and –some suggest– some non-legislative boondoggling.

And if that is true -if King President Obama (with his socialist Global Warming Czar) plans an end-run around Congress – bypassing the legislative branch and completely disrespecting the will of the American people (because he knows better than we do, of course) then that only means that the Tyrant-in-Trainingpants is feeling like a big boy, now.

This is pretty serious, folks.

Remember the last 8 years, when we heard continuously from the left and the press that “arrogant” President Bush was disrespecting congress, wielding too much power and acting like an Imperialist? Projection, again.

Roger Simon says Obama rescheduled Copenhagen in order to wait out the prevailing winds of Climategate. Well, that’s one thought. Or -as is more likely with this adoration-addicted president- Obama is going to go Messianic at the Church of Climate Crying -by which I mean he’ll sell America down the river, all by himself, at the moment of greatest dramatic impact: “I give you America!” And the crowds roar approval that an American President has taken complete control of the world’s most sinful nation!
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