Sorry I drank your present

Sorry I drank your present December 7, 2009

So, two weeks ago I ordered various coffees, mugs and sundry from The Mystic Monks Coffee site.

And it all smelled so good . . . and my personal supplies were running a tad low…

So today I had to tell Buster that I had already enjoyed the brew he’d asked me to pick up for one of his professors.

This is the risk one runs when one shops early.

But I will order more for him.

I had also bought a really cute pair of earrings for someone from Amazon. This weekend it was all I could do not to use them and order a second pair for my giftee. Oh, temptation.

It’s a good thing I have sons. I don’t need a shaver.

Speaking of Christmas gifts, over at Moniales, where our nun friends make the great soap and hand creme, we learn that postulant Carrie is going to be clothed in the Dominican habit and begin her novitiate on tomorrow -the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception.

No clue, yet, what religious name she has chosen. Everyone at Summit takes a variation of Mary, but what shall Sr. Carrie be? Sister Something of the Immaculate Conception? A suggestion from the comments over there: Sr. Marie-Noel? You can take a guess and win a prize if you guess right!

Over in Arizona, the Desert Nuns (Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration) of Our Lady of Solitude will also be investing their postulant, Michelle, with the habit tomorrow. As they are building a new monastery, they don’t get to update their blog much, but we can’t wait to learn what warrior name (pdf) will be bestowed upon her.

Do whisper up a prayer that these two young women may take great joy in their new beginnings, and that they persevere in the life of prayer to which each -like their fellow contemplatives in Wyoming of – feels called.

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