Podcast Nativity Narrative in Luke

Because someone remembered that I had done this last year and requested it, here is the podcast.

It’s dreadful. I don’t know what inspired me to start singing -it certainly could not have been heaven- but there you go. If you want to listen as you wrap presents, or whatever, be my guest.

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  • http://primordialslack.blogspot.com Joan of Argghh!

    In sixth grade I was asked to read that story on stage for the nativity pageant. Luke 2: 1-20.

    I read it from my bible. My Catholic Bible. During the practice. I had no idea the consternation it was causing among the KJV southerners that made up most of my town in Florida.

    To their credit, no adult said a word to me. In fact, the principal had me read it over the intercom on the last day of school before the holiday, so impressed was she with the fresh-sounding version in modern language.

    I love it even more, and every time I hear it, I am thankful for adults who didn’t get their choir robes in a bunch over the “authorized version” technicalities, but welcomed the Truth of the story for a child’s sake. I know I wouldn’t have understood if someone had made an uproar.


  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com Bender

    I don’t know what inspired me to start singing

    Not too presume too much on God’s mercies, but seeing as how Jesus did invite us to call Him “Father” . . . I suppose He is like most parents watching their children in the Christmas pageant. Objectively, folks like me sound horrific, but Father is nonetheless proud and happy to hear us sing.

  • http://runswithangels.wordpress.com/ jan

    When you sing, you pray twice.

  • http://www.ibloga.blogspot.com Pastorius

    This story needs to be commented upon BY YOU!


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  • http://primordiaslack.blogspot.com Joan of Argghh!

    Perhaps a different story might invite a place of reflection, in a way that juxtaposes our values in stark contrast against the horrible news story linked above.

    I’d mail it to you, but did not see an email contact, so please forgive this link.

  • newton

    My husband overheard the podcast just a few minutes ago. “What’s she reading?”

    “You don’t recognize it? It’s Luke 1 and 2.”

    “And who is she?”

    “She’s a blogging friend of mine.”

    “She sure sounds hot!”

    I figure you might have wanted to know about this… :-)