Diva, Me

Well, I don’t know if I am a diva, but as the saying goes, it is an honor merely to be nominated!

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  • Mutnodjmet

    As a Pelosi-designated Handmaiden of Big Oil, I congratulate you. You are in great company.

  • http://gaypatriot.org Bruce (GayPatriot)

    We LUV The Anchoress over at GayPatriot! Woot!

  • http://www.justgrits.wordpress.com Obi’s Sister

    Congrats on your nomination!

  • Maggie45

    Well, I voted for you, of course. I like most of the nominees, but your writing especially calls to me. (I wish I knew how to do the little smiley graphic)

  • http://runswithangels.wordpress.com/ Team Bender

    Maggie to make a smiley hit the colon key, then the dash key, then the ) parenthesis. :-) To make it wink, use the semi-colon! ;-)

    You can frown, too. :-( or {:-(

    Or stick your tongue out, :-p. Just practice with the keys you can see.

    Oh – when you do the keystrokes on this site, they automatically ‘change’ to a graphic, unless you attach it right to the end of a word, like this:-)

  • Piano Girl88

    Sometimes I think it would be fun to be a diva! So, enjoy it and take all the accolades tossed your way, my diva friend! ;-)

  • Piano Girl88

    Woo-hoo ~ thanks, Team Bender! I made a smiley face! :-)

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/KnightOwl2006 Tempus Fugit

    I voted for you as well. A lot of the nominees I have no idea who they are except for Pam Geller who does very good work.

  • http://runswithangels.wordpress.com/ Team Bender

    My pleasure, Piano Girl88! Glad to help;-)

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  • Maggie45

    Thanks, Team Bender :-)

  • http://runswithangels.wordpress.com/ Team Bender

    Yay, Maggie! You made a smiley! I’m proud of you.

    Gee, this almost makes me feel like I know what I’m doing, hehheh.