Last Minute Christmas Gift

Who did you forget on your Christmas gift list?

I know I forgot someone.

There is always the Amazon Gift Certificate! You can print one up as you’re running out the door (and this site gets a wee kickback, too)

Come one, get that shopping done! Get all those ribbons tied up!

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  • dry valleys

    I always think of vouchers/certificates/cash as a way of admitting you don’t truly actually know someone, despite being related to them ;)

    I have got 2 though (bought then a couple of weeks ago after finally accepting defeat in trying to choose someone’s present), & no less than 10 bottles of wine which I brought in August. So I am the worst of them all!

    Merry Christmas readers! No “WAR” being declared here :)

  • Hantchu

    Happy and blessed holiday, Anchoress! Here in the Holy Land, it is chilly and windy and threatening rain. Nobody in their right mind with any choice would be giving birth tonight in a barn/cave in Beit Lechem. Especially cold and windy there. Actually, they’d be giving birth by us at Hadassah Ein Karem. And we’d be giving them equal service and top-notch treatment. Blessings.

  • Gerry

    Did you forget a link with your Associates ID?

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  • Fr. Bill

    Hey, there are twelve days of Christmas and then Epiphany and the Three Kings or the Befana. (That’s been my cover for procrastinating for over twenty years and I’m sticking with it)

    Merry Christmas!

  • Kim Priestap

    I got several Amazon gift cards for my cousins’ kids. They’re so convenient.