2010 Predictions? – UPDATED

Regular readers know I have made some predictions in the past that have panned out (“…when Mrs. Clinton, in her ongoing effort to turn herself into whatever the polls says she must be, cries in public. It’s going to be genuinely ghastly.”) and some that have panned out and then flamed out.

I’m lousy at making formal predictions, but on the fly I can sometimes -in the process of reasoning– come up with something halfway credible. Others are better at it than I.

Over at Inside Catholic, there are making predictions, so are some of the folks at National Review, and you can find some sporting predictions here.

Given that nobody knows nuthin’ and people seldom remember these foolish guesses, I’ll toss out a few which will likely add up to: more of the same, only worse.

Up In the Air will win all sorts of awards and Americans will become seriously, strenuously vocal about their dissatisfaction with the job market.

Unemployment numbers will fall in the spring of 2010, due to temporary hiring of census workers. A family member predicts a “W” shaped recession, though.

The MSM will continue to prop up and strenuously defend Barack Obama because they have no choice; they shot their wad of credibility in getting him elected, so he will continue to be the most brilliant and gifted politician ever to sit in the Oval Office, albeit one who is hampered by poor advisors, a corrupt congress and the past and continued existence of George W. Bush.

Terrorism will be on the rise throughout 2010.

Within the press and the DC Beltway, blame for this will not fall -as one might expect- on the president who has scraped, bowed and apologized the world over on behalf of America, dissed its allies and made a big show of “talking” and “reaching out” to people who have admitted that they make distinctions based on what they perceive to be “strong” and “weak” horse-nations. Within the press and the DC Beltway -with few exceptions- blame for any terror attacks will either be shared with the Bush administration or will fall exclusively at the feet of George W. Bush. It simply must be, you understand.

Michelle Obama’s approval ratings will out-poll her husband’s.

IF that happens, Hillary Clinton will resign as Secretary of State and take up a humanitarian post as she begins to weigh another run for the presidency. She will be encouraged in this by polls indicating that many Dems, most Independents and even some Republicans would prefer her presidency to Obama’s.

Also, if that happens: Barack Obama will find that he rather likes being a bit of a hawk on terrorism -that going hawk wins him the approval of a majority of Americans and outweighs the sneers of the far-left- and that since every difficulty can be safely blamed on Bush, his political risk is almost nil.

Just in time for the 2010 election, the Illegal Immigration issue will heat up. A.N.S.W.E.R. will break out the Mexican flags and get the parades going, again, and many Americans on the right will become utterly inflamed again. The issue will be used to split and discourage the right, as it did in 2006, and then the flags will be packed away once more. Whether anything will ever actually be done to reform the INS is up for grabs, but I can predict with certainty that no one will take seriously my suggestion that a sort of “Ellis Island West” be created along the California/Arizona/New Mexico borders in order to help get peaceful, productive but undocumented workers onto the tax rolls, streamline the immigration process and enhance border security at the same time. I don’t know what to do about the Canadian border, though. Or Montauk. Good thing no one listens to me, anyway.

On the Catholic front: Look for an increase in Mass attendance, in the extraordinary form, and more women wearing headcoverings or hats at worship. Some Catholics are going to become “more” Catholic and other Catholics will begin to talk up the idea of an “American” Catholic Church that looks a lot like the Church of England.

A surprising number of Catholics, not inclined toward Latin, but wearying of the Novus Ordo will be sampling Roman Catholic worship in the Anglican Rite and liking it, very much. Expect to see crossover movement between newly-received Anglicans and “cradle Catholics.

Catholic Liturgy itself will be in flux, both because of the Anglican Rite and because the new translations to the Novus Ordo will finally be released and put into liturgical use, amid cries of doom and gloom from the more “progressive” side of the church, which will see them as regressive, others will see them as a welcome correction, and people will adapt to them, as they managed to adapt twice after the Second Vatican Council.

The Liturgy of the Hours,, whether in long form, slightly shorter form or in its shortest form will continue to be embraced with enthusiasm among the Christian Laity, and will become even more popular. It must. It is too wonderful, and too instructive, and people of faith are going to need the comfort and discipline of the prayer.

Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious life will continue to grow, around the world and in the Midwest and Southern parts of the United States.

Venerable Popes John Paul II, Pius XII (and perhaps Bl. Pope John XXIII and Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity and Bl. Teresa of Calcutta), will all see their causes for canonization advance to their next respective steps. I’m also thinking we’ll see movement on Ven. Pierre Toussaint, and Ven. Solanus Casey, and perhaps see the introduction of the cause for the mighty Cardinal, John Joseph O’ Connor.

I would like to say we’ll see movement on our dear Bl. PierGiorgio Frassati, as well, but I think it’s unlikely in 2010.

Atheism will continue to grow as a “movement” within the United States and Europe, with some adherents displaying an almost Evangelistic fervor. The Church of Global Warming, however, may lose a few members.

This young filmmaker of great promise will get discovered, this year.

Labor will lose in a big UK election. Or not. What do I know?

Webster Bull
will continue to disrespect my Yankees, and this battle will rage even in heaven!

Deacon Greg: Is going to get a book contract for a collection of his homilies.

Oh, and Blogs Lucianne Loves will have a big weekend, this weekend!

How about you guys make some predictions for 2010? I only ask that you keep it non-violent.

Off-Topic Thank You to Mary’s Aggies, for the compliment. How about some other year-end links?

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