Your typical Sunday

I can’t remember the last time we had Sunday around here that did not include a family/social obligation, and today is going to be another completely tied-up-all-dayer.

But I have a couple of things I am itching to write. So, tomorrow will be more interesting? Have a good ‘un! Go Jets!

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  • Cherie

    Geaux Saints!

  • Popcorn

    Poor Anchoress! I feel your pain, believe me I do. I really, really work at keeping my Sunday evenings free so that I can relax in privacy.

  • Jude

    Go Jets!

    For your sake, sorry, but, No Jets!

    Yeah, Colts!

    (Hey, at least we’re Yankees fans, though!)

  • Bob Devine

    I`m afraid I am with Jude… Yeah, Colts! The baseball part not so much. Why watch baseball when you can watch paint dry or grass grow? Have fun watching the game!

  • dry valleys

    Speak for yourself- I went for a walk on the beach :) (Although I live so far from the coast that it did take more than an hour to get there).

    Bit of business I see has happened Out There.

    Film to be made satirising jihadists (not sure whether it sounds good or not- suppose it will have to be viewed before anyone decides that- but clearly a moment of some importance

    Obama has shown the way on bank control- remarkable what overwhelming positive coverage we’ve got on this, not just from the likes of me but even from people who normally hate him.

    I await any future posts, as I feel like commenting :)