Anonymous 4 & Stuff I like

I happened to be surfing the web trying to track down a priest friend when I found a site (I forget which) that opened up playing music from this album.

Normally, I hate when a site opens with music; but this was a mesmerizing sound.

So, of course, off I ran to You Tube:

Lovely, ancient sounds. You can hear samples of the album here, also.

While I’m talking about stuff I like, I ordered these bookplates and these sticky notes as part of a gift basket for a friend who is stationary-and-ink fixated. Loved them.

Also loved the packaging note from the seller, at After checking out their site, I now know what I am getting my MIL for Valentine’s Day (along with her annual gift of rose-scented soap from the Dominican Nuns of Summit). Pop, of course, will get his usual stash of Mystic Monk Coffee.

I know, I know, we all want chocolate for Valentine’s Day, but sometimes soaps, eyeglass holders and paper goods and coffee are good choices, too! Happy shopping!

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