Prayer Request Update: Choosing Life

On Candlemas Julie at Happy Catholic asked for prayers for a young pregnant woman who was being pressured to abort, although her own desire was to have the baby and allow it to be adopted.

Today Julie has the glad news

Praise God. A corner has been turned.

My friend courageously went to speak to the people applying pressure. Despite their anger she presented the truth in love. By the next morning hearts had softened somewhat and there was a willingness to look at other options.

It brought tears to my eyes as I read the details of what a difference a little willingness to explore options meant. When this girl saw the sonogram and heard her baby’s heartbeat the look on her face was priceless according to the account.

For the sake of confidentiality, I will not go into any other details but rest assured that there is an excellent support system in place for the young mother’s future and now, praise God, for that of her baby. . . .Please keep praying for this mother and those like her as this is not an easy road to travel, even with a lot of support.

Perhaps we can spiritually “adopt” this baby and this young woman, in continued support.

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  • Barbara

    Lovely outcome – great I can’t ruin the post with tear drops. Shows you what a difference one person, with prayers, can make. Consider baby adopted!
    Have you heard of a pregnancy center that gives out gifts consisting of a picture frame, prs. of booties, and a receiving blanket to every woman who receives a positive pregnancy test? Their stats say that 85% of those who intended to abort changed their minds when they saw the booties.

  • Peggy Bowes

    I’ve been “storming heaven” along with you! I also took the opportunity to talk to my children (ages 10 and 12) a little more about this topic. We need to educate our children because they are so likely to someday have a friend in a pregnancy predicament.

  • Victor

    I could write on and on telling you stories about myself and then as kind as you are, you would probably say something like, you’re a great man Victor! :)

    Instead I’ll simply say that you’re doing a wonderful job Anchoress and please continue to say a special prayer for sinner vic also.

    God Bless all His Children.


  • Manny L.

    With my wife and I almost three years into our adoption process (we’re getting close) I would have adopted this baby in a heart beat. Thank God for this outcome.

  • DeLynn

    Thank you for posting this update! Continued prayers for the dear mom and baby…..and all who are helping them.

  • Tom the Redhunter

    Indeed a wonderful outcome. My heart goes out to these young unmarried women who find themselves pregnant. Abortion seems like such a simple ‘solution,’ yet we know it comes with such a terrible price.

    We must do all we can to support women who choose to keep their babies, this is the solution, I think.

  • Sammy Benoit

    I will add her to my prayers

  • Diane

    Will continue praying. Good news!

  • Gordon

    The power prayer. Today was First Friday. For some Catholics, it is a very important and powerful day. Following the daily Mass, Adoration is available. A lot of Catholics pray for the end of abortion on demand. First Friday’s are their day. Peace and God Bless

  • Tempus_Fugit

    This is excellent news.

    I attended mass in another city recently and saw that they were taking donations of baby milk, diapers and other essentials to help out mothers who opted to have their baby. I thought it was a wonderful and practical way to fight abortion. I wish more parishes would do this.

  • Grateful heart

    I just spent a mini-vacation with a grandchild who was not aborted when his parents learned she was pregnant and they were not married. I am blessed they took the route that they did.

  • Sr_Lisa

    I will keep the young woman and her baby in my prayers, thankful for the light of truth that strengthened her to remain firm. I have been reflecting much of late of women in crisis situations – whether due to age or illness – and keeping them in prayer. Partially because of the national news surrounding the Tim Tebow story scheduled to air during the Super bowl tomorrow…for my mother too was counselled to have an abortion for medical reasons when she was 3 months pregnant with me. Faith and prayer prevailed, and the sacrifice of a mother’s love is never overlooked by God.

  • Hantchu

    If only. If only we woul listen more tothe cries of distress of our sisters. If only we would seek out and give to those venues that offer real aid to women with pregnancies in distress, in need. If only we would be as persistent and as selicitous in offering concrete help instead of throwing out lovely round sentiiments. If only we would stop mistaking EMABARASSMENT for shame. If only we could see that there are far “worse” things than an unplanned pregnancy or a pregnancy out of wedlock. We could change the current culture of death into a culture of life.

    The Jewish sages said that everything has its function in this world, including even heresy. How’s that? We should pray as though everything depends on G-d, but act as though it all depended on us.

  • brooklyn

    That is good news. Very inspiring. Very hopeful.

    In relation, I thought this ad via the Tebow family was going to be controversial?

    It didn’t seem to be anything but pleasant and inspiring for all.

    Forgive me, but I wish we could offer the same prayers for this Country.

    I watched the suspect Tea Party Convention a little, and was hoping we all could grow to a higher state.

    I worry we Americans will self destruct yet again.

    We shall see.