Prayer Request Update: Choosing Life

On Candlemas Julie at Happy Catholic asked for prayers for a young pregnant woman who was being pressured to abort, although her own desire was to have the baby and allow it to be adopted.

Today Julie has the glad news

Praise God. A corner has been turned.

My friend courageously went to speak to the people applying pressure. Despite their anger she presented the truth in love. By the next morning hearts had softened somewhat and there was a willingness to look at other options.

It brought tears to my eyes as I read the details of what a difference a little willingness to explore options meant. When this girl saw the sonogram and heard her baby’s heartbeat the look on her face was priceless according to the account.

For the sake of confidentiality, I will not go into any other details but rest assured that there is an excellent support system in place for the young mother’s future and now, praise God, for that of her baby. . . .Please keep praying for this mother and those like her as this is not an easy road to travel, even with a lot of support.

Perhaps we can spiritually “adopt” this baby and this young woman, in continued support.

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