Joannie Rochette

The face of grace.


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  • shana

    Oh, that competition was gorgeous – so was the couple’s ice dancing competition a few days back.

    These young women were remarkable! I really enjoyed watching them, such skill, grace and good cheer. The young American skater was such a joy to see – exuberant and excited! She was clearly enjoying her time on the ice regardless of the nearly flawless performances before hers – just a bundle of raw talent and bursting with lively fun! That was a treat in itself!

    How much sorrow Rochette must have had in her mother’s recent death, but she skated with grace and charm and looked so regal as she received her medal. A beautiful moment.

  • a

    Every mother watching stood witness for her.

  • Myssi

    When I sang at my mother’s funeral, someone asked me how I did it. I remember telling them that I sang so that Mom would know I’d be okay without her and because she loved to hear me sing. I felt that this young woman was doing the same thing, and God bless her in her loss.

  • Gayle Miller

    My mother died in 1975 and I still miss her every single day. I cannot even begin to imagine what kind of strength of character and dedication it must have taken for that young woman to achieve what had been her mother’s and her own dream under these circumstances. I am so proud of her and her mother is too. Now Joannie can go off with her Dad and grieve properly but she can also do so knowing she has fulfilled her mother’s dream for her!

    God bless her and I intend to pray for her mother’s beautiful soul. So young to go – only 55 years of age!

  • Mark L

    I must be getting old. I am a male, looking at a healthy and attractive young woman and my first thought is “isn’t she cold in that outfit?” I have turned into my father.

  • JJM

    Thanks for this from all your neighbours up here to your north.

    We think she’s a real star too.

  • Dave

    There was a minor hit C/W song ten or twenty years ago about a mediocre high school football player whose blind father died in the week before a game. The kid asked the coach to send him into the game, and the coach did. The kid played fantastically. When asked why, he said that it was the first time his father could watch him play.

    [I would have hated that song. -admin]

  • Gayle Miller

    That song would have made me weepy! I’m a total sucker for that kind of thing. Every time I have seen Joannie Rochette skate this past 2 weeks, I have dissolved into puddles!