Year of the Priest: Military

Excerpts from a great photo essay on military chaplains, coming to us via the Crescat, who loves to celebrate the manly priests:

Catholic military chaplain Cpt. Carl Subler on March 5 at a small U.S. combat outpost in Sha-Wali-Kot in Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan (

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All found via New Advent

The Stuff Priests are Made Of

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  • Mickey

    I can’t say enough for our military chaplains…when I was deployed in 2002-2003 for OEF and later OIF, our priest (Fr (then-Maj) Gary Brieg, USAF was the hardest working guy on the base…daily Vespers, daily Mass, Confessions, Bible Study, Confirmation/RCIA classes, PLUS his “regular” job as the Wing Chaplain on the commander’s staff.

    When we went “north” into Iraq, Fr Brieg was there…on the flightline blessing the crews and aircraft, and later traveling to our forward base in Iraq several times a week to offer Mass and Confession to the Airmen at our FOB up north.

    At Christmas, he organized an ecumenical choir to sing carols around the base, a couple of “shows” for the Airmen, Soldiers, SeaBees & Marines at our base, and after Lessons & Carols on Christmas Eve, an ecumenical Christmas service, Midnight Mass, and TWO Christmas Day Masses, he went to the Mess Hall and played carols on his ducimer until well after 2200.

    Because of military priest-chaplains like him, I have been privileged to go to daily Mass at (almost) every duty station, both home and deployed.

    God bless our military priests! Every one!

  • Steve

    These men, Protestant and Catholic, are doing God’s work. My brother is an Amry psychologist, and he tells me that, while he has an office (and will have an office while deployed in Afghanistan) to see his soldiers, these chaplains often travel to the front lines to see/pray for/support our soldiers/sailors/marines. They do much of what he is trained to do, but while in harm’s way, when the bullets can be flying. I can’t say enough for these guys.