Re-recorded the "Treasury" Podcasts

Because the originals seemed to be set at too low a volume, I just got done re-recording all of the podcasts for the Treasury of Catholic Prayers.

So, for those who complained (and who did not), please re-download what you like. I have added a few more prayers, and completely re-recorded the Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, because the first one included me gassing away interminably about I-forget-what. Now you can have just the prayer, without the rest.

Oh, and I also recorded The Angelus, complete with bells!

It seems I forgot to re-record the Prayer to the Holy Spirit, but they’re chopping trees nearby, so I can’t do it tonight!

And unfortunately, yes, this is what writers do when they are up against a hard deadline…they find any reason they can not to write.

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