Elder Son's Sweet Girlfriend

I’ve never given her a name;
Elder Son and she are both happy to keep their private lives pretty private, but Sweet Girlfriend -who I have decided to call Kitty- has pulled off a sort of “time-management/personal-drive” coup that is so impressive, I have to give a public shout-out to a kid (okay, they’re all grown up, but “kids” to us) who put herself through college while working part-time and then commenced attaining outstanding grades in a tough out-of-state graduate program, all the while commuting back to NY to keep a full-time job -because right now even a pays-lousy-doesn’t-treat-you-very-well sort of job is a job you hang on to.

In her spare time (!) she drives out “on the island” to perform in a play, because she likes doing that, and because people benefit from it. And because she has a very big heart – the sort of heart you get when life has demanded that you grow a big one, to survive.

This morning, Kitty called with the big news: she’s landed a job, in her profession, just miles from her school. A job with a salary and reasonable hours! A job with actual benefits which kick in after 60 days, as opposed to a year! A job that gets her off the commuter train and started on the rest of her life! With actual time for sleep!

We’re so happy for her. And so proud!

She’ll be living in New Jersey now, which immediately made my husband very sad. He is Italian and would like to build a family compound and keep everyone he loves near him, forever; he hates the “children grow up and go away” part, very much.

We’ll have to get used to seeing less of Kitty, but this is life. She’s really beginning her great adventure, now! How can we be anything but excited for her?

And Elder Son has snagged a temporary job, too – who knows, maybe it will lead to something permanent down the road. I have faith!

Yay! People we love -who are in that demographic currently dealing with 20% unemployment- have found jobs they think they will like!

I’m so glad for them! I feel like the woman in scriptures who swept her house to find the coin and then invited all her neighbors in to rejoice with her!

Rejoice with Sweet Girlfriend, aka, Kitty!

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  • Maureen

    Heh. In this economy, I don’t know whether to credit the prayers of St. Joseph or St. Anthony. ;) Sounds like a great young lady to know.

    [Mary, St. Clare & St. Francis Xavier, actually! She is great, and she's worked very hard for this. -admin]

  • Reed

    I understand Husband’s sadness. Ethnically Italian, I’d like nothing more than a big house, with Favorite Oldest Daughter and significant other, Number 1 Son and significant other, and Favorite Youngest Daughter, significant other and Number 1 Grandson, all living together under its roof. Such noise! Such mayhem! Such a great life! Sadly, the big house is a small nest, and all the birds have flown.

  • http://www.justgrits.wordpress.com Obi’s Sister

    I’m sure Fausta wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on her and helping her find her way around.

  • CJ

    Congrats to Kitty!!!

    I know how hard it is for recent college grads . . . I have one at home right now. It took him forever to land his PART TIME job, and it has nothing to do with his major!

    Right now, he’s considering grad school since he can’t find a decent job. That’s the route my older daughter took a couple of years ago, and I don’t know if it will make her more “marketable” job wise or not–or just more in debt!

    So many prayers are needed for our young people!

  • Sally June

    I am going to say some prayers of thanksgiving for Kitty’s job and that of Elder Son. And that he gets full time work, too.

    [Thanks! -admin]

  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny L.

    Kudos. Well done Kitty.

  • http://www.withouthavingseen.com Ryan Haber

    Congrats to Kitty!

    If I may add my own cause for joy, I’ll add that this past Friday, April 16, the temp job that I’ve had since mid-January went permanent! Woo-hoo!

    While it is not a career-track or dream job, and it involves my first significant commute, and it pays just a bit more than I made right out of college, it is a job.

    Moreover, it is a job with several benefits: (1) I will now be on salary, including several thousand dollars more annually than I was making as a temp; (2) I will get paid for snow days (of which we have several each year down in these wimpier parts) and sick days and vacation days; (3) I will be able to take a class each semester – including classes that line up with my longer term goals; (4) It is a stable job, unlikely to be downsized; (5) It is very close to a number of churches making daily mass-going and chapel visits ridiculously easy; (6) I have a number of friends in the area of the job, even on-site, so finding people to lunch with, etc., when I am so inclined, is a snap; (7) My coworkers are great, absolutely great; (8) I can do the job very well and it keeps me busy during the day, but with bits of downtime here and there.

    The long and the short of it is that I am very grateful to my new employers, friends and family who have been supportive of me during my months of unemployment and temp employment, and to our Heavenly Father, who provides so wonderfully.

    God is so merciful!

  • Richard

    Thanks for the video! Made my day… and its only 9:12AM!

  • F

    Thanks, Mama Anchoress, I needed that bit of motherly admonishing:

    to keep a full-time job -because right now even a pays-lousy-doesn’t-treat-you-very-well sort of job is a job you hang on to.

    Yep, its been tough lately. They keep hiring the big cheese but not enough of us mice to keep up!

    I’m hanging on to this job!

  • Stephanie

    Congratulations to Kitty and your son on their positions! It’s great that they are able to find something in this climate.