'Zo goes off on Blow

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Also, note that the Tea Partiers -who the press would like to paint as monolithic, goose-stepping and narrow- have endorsed a Democrat candidate.

The projection continues…

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  • Doc

    I saw that TEA Party Express endorsement. I guess they respond to corporate media pressure like real politicians. Don’t they know that helping any House Democrat get elected is a vote to keep Pelosi as Speaker of the House? Are they really that ignorant? Repeat after me: There is no such thing as a moderate (or pro-life) Democrat as long as Pelosi and her gang of Leftists run the caucus.

    [I think it demonstrates that the Tea Party is more interested in looking at each individual candidate, rather than creating a monolith. And that is a good thing. Once upon a time, people used to tell me that it was more important to vote for the best person for the job, not for the party. Suddenly that has changed? -admin]

  • http://westernchauvinist.blogspot.com Western Chauvinist

    Sorry, Anchoress. Doc is right. Mike Rosen (talk show host in Denver) has given a convincing explanation of “voting party-line” before. It is because we have a two-party system. Lot’s of people believe we should have a multi-party system, but that is a whole different argument.

    In a two-party system, one of the parties will hold the majority in each of the legislative bodies. The majority determines the committee chairs, the legislative calendar, etc. It sets the legislative priorities. So, yes, it is very important for you to identify the party which best represents your values, even if it is only 70% of the time, and then vote party-line.

    That better candidates may reside in the other party at times is an unfortunate compromise we make with two-party majority-rule reality. Encourage candidates who represent your values to join your party!

  • SKay

    Another vote for Pilosi and the Obama agenda.

    That got us where we are today.

  • dry valleys

    Perhaps disgruntled Tea Partiers can form their own pure network, & get rid of these pesky TINO sorts? While Obama & Pelosi laugh? :)

  • dry valleys

    Feeling in that sort of mood today :)

  • Jeanie

    I have a hard time watching ‘Zo. Too much big movement. Listening is easier…and he is worth listening to.

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  • Greta

    Some thought they had a democrat who was pro life in Stupak and he voted with Pelosi and against the entire USCCB when they were united against the health deform bill. If you have two parties, and one is the party of death, doing anything that will give them power makes no sense.
    However, if we give republicans power, we need to keep and expand the tea party to monitor the republicans on every vote. If one gets out of line, we need to line up another republican to run against them, not turn and vote for the party of death until they change their belief and platform.

  • brooklyn

    Although the ‘individual candidate quality’ is essential, the Tea Party Express is showing it is playing the game, just as other politicians do.

    This is geared as an image conception, to appear neutral, but makes matters far worse in the end.

    Heaven help us, if Nancy Pelosi remains the Speaker with this one Candidate’s reelection, aided by a group of folks who adopted the ‘leadership’ of a grass roots movement designed to oppose the disastrous offering of the Democratic Party.

    Libertarians, some who screamed loudly after 2004, who have an angst – a lack of objective bitterness towards the GOP, may enjoy the equating of the two Parties. But this blur is only causing more problems, and has empowered Nancy, Harry, Hillary, Barry, etc.

    I don’t have a problem with the endorsement of anyone, nor do I have any Party interest, but clearly the problem today begins with the Democratic Party. Checking their obscene, corrupt, dishonest rule is a priority, enabling it is a mistake.

    A vote for this Democrat is a vote for Barack Obama, who lied about lobbyists, earmarks, taxation, signing statements, executive orders, rendition, wire taps, Iraq, GITMO, AARP support, abortion funding, etc.

    This is a vote for a Party who rushed to spend 800 Billion in Pork claiming it would keep unemployment under 8%, rushed to pass massive Cap and Trade Taxation, rushed to pass a takeover of US Health Care, rushed to control University Student Loans, rushed to grab hold of GM, rushed to appease Russia, ran to return the handling of Terrorism back to a law enforcement issue, is now hurrying to force it’s vision on Wall Street, etc.

    Nancy Pelosi once boldly lied about al Qaeda not being in Iraq prior to the 2006 midterms. She meant at that moment, which was a bold faced lie. You cannot have such an unethical person in such a powerful position. The damage is growing.

    One would think the Tea Party Express leadership, would not be playing politics in such a time. It is a vivid contradiction of the grass roots movement.

  • Doc

    For those who can’t resist the urge to place themselves above “party politics”, I urge you to read Hugh Hewitt’s 2004 book, If It’s Not Close They Can’t Cheat. It really does a superb job explaining how 218 is the magic number in the House, and if Pelosi is still at 218 Waxman, Frank, Conyers, Rangel, Obey, and all the other hard-core progressives are committee chairs, while Blue Dogs are powerless clowns.